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Data Cleansing Process

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Email Data Group is an end-to-end data service provider dedicated to help companies manage data. Our team of experts are experienced to execute any data related project and secure high-quality data for prospecting. We have different solutions aimed at providing high-value data for prospecting. Our global offices work 24/7 and have staff to co-ordinate every project till it is completed. Our core strength likes in cleaning data and removing data inconsistencies like duplicate data, typos, and obsolete data. By cleaning data in the customer file, our clients are able to connect with past customer and increase business turnover.

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Data Cleansing Process

  1. 1. Your Green Marketing Partner Data Cleansing Process
  2. 2. www.emaildatagroup.net info@emaildatagroup.net 800-710-4895 Your Green Marketing Partner Data Cleansing Process Data rules the business world today. The volume of data that travels back and forth through multiple channels is growing exponentially. The need then, to ensure that data is credible, accurate, up-to-date and clean must be the top priority for companies who wish to be a front runner in their line of business. Data cleansing can give you just this as it targets the areas where your data is weak and needs more attention and enhancement. The Process At Email Data Group, the data cleansing process is done in just 5 simple yet highly-effective steps: Step 1: Planning The client identifies the database that is of high priority and shares their inputs with our data experts who develop and put into place specific validation rules to cleanse and standardise the existing data. Step 2: Analysis The client data is reviewed to discover what is missing, what needs to be removed and what requires to be updated and analyse the gaps between them. Once this analysis is made, the process of data cleansing begins. Our team of data cleansing experts review the data via both manual and automated processes. Step 3: Automation Once the cleansing process begins, our data experts begin to standardize and cleanse the flow of new data that begins to enter the system by building scripts or workflows. The amount of data to be cleansed each time depends on the volume of data to be cleansed at a stretch. Most often data is cleansed in batches on monthly basis. These routines are applied to the new data and previously keyed-in-data. Step 4: Cleansing The missing data is appended to the client file, invalid entries are removed, and duplicate entries are erased. Step 5: Monitor Periodic monitoring of cleansed data is a must to analyse the loopholes before they become a huge issue. The data should be monitored individually and as an entire unit. The bounce rates and the response rates should be tracked and customer response patterns should also be recorded to discard the decayed data from the clean and active data.