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reglas industriales en un taller

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quince reglas fundamentales para trabajar en un taller industrial

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reglas industriales en un taller

  1. 1. Don`t run in the worshop
  2. 2. always wear an apron
  3. 3. wear string shoes
  4. 4. dont rush your projects
  5. 5. tie up long hair
  6. 6. roll up sleeves
  7. 7. never work alone in the worshop.
  8. 8. when,necessary wear goggles
  9. 9. turn the machine off before cleaning it
  10. 10. always listen to the teacher
  11. 11. know where the emergency button is located
  12. 12. listen carefully when a teacher is demonstrating something
  13. 13. a machine must be operated by one student at a time
  14. 14. enter the workshop,only with a teacher permission
  15. 15. report any damage done to the machines