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Autonomous Systems Lab

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Autonomous Systems Lab

  1. 1. www.csiro.au Autonomous Systems Lab Boeing Steering Committee Meeting March 2016
  2. 2. ASL History (1995-2005) Dragline Swing Automation Shovel Automation Excavator Traffic Management LHD Automation (Caterpillar) Longwall Automation (CESRE)Explosive Loading (ORICA)
  3. 3. A world in which humans and autonomous systems are able to seamlessly, reliably and safely collaborate. ASL Vision 2005 45 40 15
  4. 4. ASL Research Today Robotics Persistent Bespoke Awareness Capture Display Sensing Pervasive Connected High Performance Workplace Autonomous Exploration & Science
  5. 5. Persistent Robotics • Autonomous Unmanned Helicopters • Smart Skies (with Boeing) • ResQu • Ground Vehicles • Hot Metal Carrier (with RioTinto) • Autonomous Science Rover Information Driven Manufacturing • Dependable hardware and software, • Precise control, robust state estimation • Obstacle avoidance, autonomous planning, • Health monitoring, reasoning and decision making • Power and energy management • Advanced Engineering
  6. 6. Bespoke Robotics 1. Task Based Design • Confined space inspection 2. Reconfigurable • Anyleg / Anywheel 3. Extreme Locomotion • Hexapod platform Information Driven Manufacturing • Real-time proprioceptive • Machine learning • Energetics based gait switching • Stabilisation in unstructured terrain • Ground cover classification • Rapid Prototyping to high TRL
  7. 7. Reality Capture (Situational Awareness) 1. Lidar, Vision, Thermal • Zebedee • Heatwave • Hovermap 2. Hyper spectral 3. Gas and RF • Plant Mapping Information Driven Manufacturing • Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) • Data Fusion and Registration • Compressive Sensing • Design lead engineering (Product development)
  8. 8. Reality Display (Human Machine Interface) 1. Augmented Reality • ReMote Tele-Maintanence 2. Augmented Virtuality • 3P Learning - Endeavour tour 3. Panomersive Video streaming • National Museum Tele-presense Information Driven Manufacturing • Wearable technology • Immersive technology • Human Factors / Ethics
  9. 9. Pervasive Sensing (Monitoring and Tracking) • Longevity • Springbrook with Fleck • Scale • Digital Homestead • Sense-T with PACP • Mobility • Batmon with Camazotz • Passive • People Tracking • Smart Homes Information Driven Manufacturing • Delay tolerant networking • Energy Management, Radio Diversity • Mobile Analytics, distributed processing • Spatiotemporal Modelling
  10. 10. Connected Sensing (Internet of Things) 1. Sensor Data Models and Management • SenseT / SenseDB 2. Interoperability • OpenIoT / BIoTope 3. Security and Trust • AU2EU 4. Collaboration • Industrial Internet Consortium Information Driven Manufacturing
  11. 11. Industry Engagement Digital Disruption Expansion of Manufacturing Volume and Complexity for New Consumers • Global industrial production grows by 3% per year • Tier 1 suppliers are seeking to de-risk their supply chain (larger companies) • By 2025 4.2 billon consumers that will desire different products • Mass customization rather than mass production • Advances in Robotics and IoT technology • Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0
  12. 12. Trends in Future Manufacturing •New Workflows •New Business Models •New Enterprises •New Processes •New Materials •New Production •Mass Customization •Maximize Flexibility •Mass Production •Minimize Waste Lean Agile SmartAdvanced Great Expectations Virtually Here MoreFrom Less
  13. 13. Manufacturing Terminology Industrial Internet (GE) Industry 4.0 (Germany) Network Enabled Manufacturing (Boeing) Smart Manufacturing (Rockwell)
  14. 14. World Economic Forum (2015)
  15. 15. Closing the Loop on Design Capture Model 3D Sensors Simulation Optimal Placement Optimization (Productivity and Safety) User Interface 3D Situational Awareness External Sources Linked Data Prediction Alerts & Warnings Design Reality CAD People
  16. 16. Roadblocks 1. Understanding the Impact of Disruptive Technologies 2. Insufficient Absorptive Capacity of Companies 3. Fragile/Sparse Industrial Ecosystem (in Australia) 4. Challenges Bridging the Valley of Death 5. Differenced in Culture / Communication 6. Managing the Technology Hype 7. Other Issues
  17. 17. Dealing with Disruptive Technologies A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology.
  18. 18. Example of Disruptive Technology: Tracking of Bees with Micro RF tags
  19. 19. Bridging the Valley of Death Technology Push Technology Pull Technology Facilities
  20. 20. Managing the Technology Hype What makes money What people are interested in What we do research on
  21. 21. Absorptive Capacity The ability to recognize the value of new information: • Assimilation – Very poor collaboration between companies and research institutes • Transformation – Companies are not willing to change or understand • Exploitation – Changing business models
  22. 22. • Need to use common language • Project proposals • Companies like Waterfall • Researchers like Agile Communication
  23. 23. Other Issues • Geography • Not invented here – Remote workforce • Not sold here – Only look at ROI for local market • Culture • Collaborative – Open Innovation • Competitive – Closed Innovation • Licensing • Non-excusive • Exclusive • IP Ownership?
  24. 24. Guardian Angel • Monitors environment • Tracks people and assets • Make work safer for humans Guardian Mentor • Worker augmentation • Provides skills and training • Make work easier for human Guardian Helper • Provides physical assistance • Robotic co-workers • Works with humans Guardian Worker • Provides remote assistance • Tele-operated robotics • Work for humans High Performance Workplace Augmentation • Collaboration • Interface • Observatory Assistive • Navigation • Manipulation • Cooperation Awareness • Monitoring • Modeling • Management Social Science Human Factors Informatics Communications Sensors Robotics Engineering Investment Innovation Impact Worker Centric: Increase productivity, safety and adaptability of future workforce through virtual and assistive automation technologies • Low-cost, from purchasing price and installation costs, to reprogramming and maintenance costs • Easy to use, without the need of technical expertise to deploy, operate and reconfigure the systems • Support mass customisation, ideal for small runs of multiple types of products
  25. 25. Lightweight Assistive Manufacturing Traditional Automation Rigid Bulky Expensive Unsafe Lightweight Technology Flexible Lightweight Affordable Human-centered Easy-to-use
  26. 26. Guardian – Mobile Industrial Internet CSIRO – Digital Productivity Flagship
  27. 27. Lightweight Technologies HMI ICT Perception Robotics Mobile Tele-presence Lightweight Robotics Mirror Worlding Social Networking Sensing in Unstructured Dynamic Environments Field Robotics Dependability Robustness Military/Mining Collective Intelligence Cloud ServicesBig Data Internetofthings Cheap sensor, processors and actuation Consumer Devices Immersive Interfaces Gaming AdditiveManufacturing Intuitive interfaces Mobile Devices Ubiquitous Connectivity Locationbasedservice Technology/Trendsto DevelopAssistiveRobotics
  28. 28. Objectives. • Enhances the productivity and safety of the industrial workplace. This is achieved with the development and integration of a number of situational awareness, decision support and assistive technologies. Key Research Challenges • Large scale Integration across heterogeneous systems • Managing and predicting risk Partners • Boeing, GE • Woodside, Chevron • IIC, ROS Industrial • IMCRC, ASC Guardian Facility: High Performance Workplace
  29. 29. Guardian Facilities at QCAT Guardian Managed Work Zone Manufacturing Work Zone Situational Wall Remote Management
  30. 30. Guardian Scenerio: Autonomous Safety Zones 1. Create 3D Model 2. Monitor environment 3. Track people and robots 4. Measure risk 5. Detects hazards 6. Alerts participant 7. Creates Safety Zone 8. Alerts bystanders 9. Monitors task 10. Alerts help if required. Person starts to change tyre! Vehicle wants to move Bystander walks into factory Lightweight Assistive Manufacturing Solutions | NMW 2013
  31. 31. Potential Solutions to Autonomous Systems
  32. 32. Robotics in the IoT Landscape
  33. 33. Why Innovation Hubs?
  34. 34. i3Hub Vision “Australia will become a leading market and supplier of Industrial Internet Technology. Australian companies will participate in global inter-company value chains and networks, and vertical integration of flexible (manufacturing) systems. It will also facilitate digital end-to-end engineering across the entire value chain (iManufacturing).”
  35. 35. i3Hub Mission To inspire and transform Australian businesses, CSIRO will create a connected innovation marketplace where our customers and partners will collaborate and experience what is possible today and what are the potential futures associated with the industrial internet. Engagements • Industrial Internet Consortium • ROS Industrial (Robotic Operation Systems) • OpenIoT and AU2EU (security and trust) • IMCRC – Innovative Manufacturing CRC • AMGC – Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre's
  36. 36. i3Hub Strategy i3Hub will be an independent, not-for-profit industrial internet innovation hub with the objective to improve Australia’s global competitiveness by inspiring and transforming Australian businesses through the use of the industrial internet. i3Hub will connect CSIRO, government, industry, academia, tech providers and early stage companies to create a national presence for Australian businesses to participate in the global industrial internet ecosystem
  37. 37. i3Hub Activities
  38. 38. i3Hub Think: The Network MVP: Capability Discovery Across Network
  39. 39. Think - Partner Business Model INVESTOR/ACCELERATOR TIER I TECH PROVIDER TIER II/III TECH PROVIDER RESEARCH PROVIDER Offer • Precuration of companies • Pipeline of opportunities • Boilerplate agreements • Beauty parade • Home for cohort graduates • Ability to incubate companies • Industrial internet specific (incubator for II tech) • Exposure • Uptake • demos@scale • Opportunity to build other demos • Opportunity pipeline • Access to network • Access to tier II tech providers • Access to govt orgs and policy • Access to research providers • Exposure • Uptake • demos@scale • Opportunity to build other demos • Opportunity pipeline • Access to network • Access to tier II tech providers • Access to govt orgs and policy • Access to research providers • Access to complementary tier II/III providers • Hackathons • Community • Capability • Exposure/uptake • Opportunity pipeline • Facilities • Job/project board • Student/postdoc market place • Access to industry experts • Customers Ask • “just be partners” • Business mentoring • Selection guaranteed to be incubated for 12 months • Demo kit • Demo scenarios • “Biz Spark Programme” • Access to IP • Access to Experts • Contribution to outreach (sponshorship) • Demo kit • Demo scenarios • “Biz Spark Programme” • Access to IP • Access to Experts • Contribution to outreach (sponshorship) • Access to capability/talent (students. Staff) • IP exposure/contribution • Participation in and sponsorship of outreach • Access to facilities • Customers (ARC linkage) Presentation title | Presenter name39 |
  40. 40. Think – Partner Business Model FED STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT TAFE GROWTH CENTRES (IM)CRC Offer • Better commercialisation/mar ket validation • Metrics on involvements • International participation in IoT • Access to pipeline • Thought leadership/policy advice • Trusted advisor • Leverage investments • Whole of system focus for CSIRO • Demos • Access to experts • Access to facilities • Exposure • Access to exports • Curriculum development assistance • Researcher in TAFE • Placement board • Skilling/training teams • Virtual access to regional TAFE • Funnel companies to Growth Centre • Capability Discovery i3 Hub • Exposure • Funnel companies to IMCRC • Capability Discovery i3 Hub • ARC Linkage Grants • Portal Links • Exposure Ask • I3 Hub Funding/in kind • Shaping policy • Promotion (Local /int) • Policy experts • Relationship manager • Participation • Students • Some sponsorship for out reach events • In-Kind for outreach • Funnel companies to i3 Hub • Capability discovery Growth Centre • Shared outreach events • In-Kind for outreach • Funnel companies to i3 Hub • Capability discovery IMCRC • ARC linkage grants • Portal links • Shared outreach events • Program 4 tools Presentation title | Presenter name40 |
  41. 41. i3Hub Play – Connected Facilities QCAT Guardian Perth (Oil Gas) Lindfield Sydney Clayton Lab22 • Connect Research Facilities as Nodes to the Hub • Invite external facilities to provide Nodes to the Hub • Provide expertise & training at each Node • Develop Common Specification of Infrastructure • Tele-Presence between and within Nodes – Mobile Technology / Wearable Technology • Situational Awareness – Tracking / 3D Mapping / State, Modeling and Risk • Capability Discovery – Communications / Networking • Outcomes • Better factory visibility • Better supply chain visibility • Better HSE outcomes • Better resource management
  42. 42. Currently Proposed i3Hub Nodes ATP Lab22 Guardian Perth
  43. 43. i3Hub Underlying Principle • Industrial Internet technologies typically address five business scenarios, independent of sector or particular activity. These are: 1. connecting supply chains 2. enabling proactive maintenance 3. enabling better factory/plant/refinery/rig automation and/or integration 4. better factory/plant/refinery/rig visibility 5. improved safety without an impact on productivity • The i3Hub will aim to develop demonstrators for each of these scenarios with the emphasis on the manufacturing process. • Open to other facilities – national and international.
  44. 44. i3Hub will • Be a showcase where CSIRO customers and partners can experience and trial existing Guardian and IoT technologies and; • Serve as an innovation lab where customers and CSIRO partners co-develop, co-test and co-evaluate new technology and; • Assist companies with business model innovation around these technologies and in particular help them understand how to create new service-based revenue streams. • Be part of our business as usual. • It will not only demonstrate what ‘could be’, but what ‘is’. • It will provide confidence to our customers that our research is applied and lead by their interests • It will research HSE/social dimension of technology
  45. 45. i3Hub Business Project objectives • Develop business models that allow a wide variety of stakeholders (technology consumers/providers, investors, government agencies, research providers etc to participate in the hub) Key research challenges • Developing a network of startups, SMEs, technology providers, investors, government entities, research providers to increase uptake and adoption of the industrial internet in Australia • Develop appropriate business models for participation • Get startups “investment ready”
  46. 46. i3Hub Do – Co-Create FREE SUBSCRIPTION PROJECT BASED CO-INVEST WITH OPERATIONS JOINT VENTURE SPIN OFF Free + Subscription + Project Based + Co-Invest + Subscription + • Product Manager • Seminars • Workshops • Verticals not capability focussed • Portal • Community • Affiliation • Matchmaki ng • Data sheets • Networks • CSIRO rents at other facilities & lets out space • Visibility • Mtg rooms • Infrastructure • IP access • Office & lab infrastructure at CSIRO • Access to investors/sectors • Deals • Co-location with CSIRO (ADDRESS) • CSIRO researchers in project • Set dates/ timeframe • License rights to members’ BIP • Fast start legal • License rights to FIP • Ausindustry networks • Commercialisati on mentoring • Insurance • Intro to PE or VC/pitch sessions • Strategic partnership • Steering committee • Access to members’ IP • Beneficial ownership rights to FIP • Multiyear • Major projects to programme • Board oversight & governance • Mgmnt team • Investment advisory cttee • Shared license royalties • Sustainable bus models • Sustainable bus dev capability • CSIRO infrastructure • Subsidised rent • Pipeline of early stage IP • Access to early stage researchers & interns • CSIRO showcase of spin-offs • CSIRO equity /shareholder • CSIRO second/ support for key staff • Research capability • OEM • Clarity around IP portfolio Presentation title | Presenter name46 |
  47. 47. History Presentation title | Presenter name47 |
  48. 48. iManufacturing
  49. 49. Relationships CRC OREMETS GC • High Performance Workplace • Business Transformation i3Hub •Industrial Internet Innovation HUB IMCRC •Innovative Manufacturing CRC AMGC •Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Companies Projects
  50. 50. Robotics Domains Real-timePerception Human Interaction Industrial •Welding Arms •Conveyors Military •Drones •Inspection Resources •Mining / Agriculture / Oil & Gas •Haulage Infrastructure •Transport •Logistics / Warehousing Service •Medical •Household Outdoor (Field Robotics) Real-time Perception of Dynamic Unstructured Environments Indoor (Agile Robotics) Real-time Perception of Dynamic Unstructured Environments
  51. 51. Significant Developments - Software 1. ROS – open source Robot Operating Systems 2. OpenCV – Open Source Computer Vision Libary 3. PLC – Open Source Point Cloud Library
  52. 52. Significant Developments - Hardware 1. Range Sensors (LIDAR & Structured Light) 2. Embedded Processing and Communications
  53. 53. Significant Developments - Challenges 1. DARPA – Grand Challenge 2. DARPA – Robotics Challenge
  54. 54. Unmanned Autonomous Robotic Definitions
  55. 55. Autonomy is a Spectrum Mixed-RealityTele-Robotic Robot Tele-Operation Machine Autonomy Shared Autonomy Autonomy Manual User Interface Intelligent Behavior Extent of Knowledge Communications Latency Global LocalReactive Proactive Augmented Reality Augmented Virtuality Supervisory Assistive Real Virtual
  56. 56. System of Systems (SoS) A person can be part of an Autonomous System of Systems
  57. 57. Tradition Solution  High-end hardware  Heavy, expensive  Non-intuitive  Days/week of processing time Our Solution  Mobile, handheld  Affordable hardware  Intuitive  Realtime processing Innovation in Mobile Mapping
  58. 58. Jenolan Caves Zebedee created map World’s oldest recorded cave system (340 million years old)
  59. 59. Jenolan Caves Orient Cave
  60. 60. Opéra Théâtre de Clermont-Ferrand, France
  61. 61. Pisa - Piazza del Duomo Bottom to top and around the bell tower in 20 mins
  62. 62. Colourized range Photogrammetry 10mm 10m Infrared Semantic Annotation Extending 3D Maps
  63. 63. 3D + RGB Peel Island
  64. 64. Data Merging
  65. 65. From 3D Data to Photos and Video All data is cross-linked during capture You click on a 3D point in the point cloud and you are presented with a list of video frames that show that point.
  66. 66. Comparing Data Collected at Different Times Automatic change detection The system automatically highlights areas in the point cloud where changes are detected.
  67. 67. SAGE Presentation title | Presenter name | Page 67
  68. 68. www.csiro.au Elliot Duff Research Director Autonomous Systems Program Thankyou 68 |