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Clover - Peer Code Review Tool - Brief

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Clover goes beyond basic code coverage metrics to help you prioritise time spent creating new tests.

Clover makes it easy to detect and address:

• Poorly tested, highly complex code
• Coverage lost due to recent changes
• Precise per test coverage to ensure relevance of your tests

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Clover - Peer Code Review Tool - Brief

  1. 1. Code coverage analysis Clover is the essential Java code coverage tool with test level insight, instant IDE feedback, interactive reports and Test Optimization. It works with Maven, Ant, Eclipse, IntellijIDEA and other popular tools. What is code coverage? Code coverage measures how much of your source-code is being executed by Clover takes coverage analysis to a new level by not your test suite. This information feeds into the development cycle, helping just showing you what code is covered by your tests, developers to continually increase but also which tests hit what code. This allows you to test quality, which in turn drives code spot any testing weaknesses or redundancies, and quality. verify that each test is actually testing the code it was intended to exercise. Who uses Clover? Adobe Systems, Agile Software Clover’s new Test Optimization feature reduces Corporation, Cisco, Cochlear, Deutsche the time it takes to test a code change. With Test Bank, Dolby, EBay, Fujitsu, HP, Ikea, Intuit, Lockheed Martin, Fannie May, Optimization enabled, Clover automatically determines Fidelity Investments, Pzer, Toyota, the optimal subset of tests to run based on the specic University of Illinois, US Army changes made, ensuring you are testing only what you Recruiting Command, and many others! need. Test Optimization also reorders tests that are more likely to fail, so you get quicker feedback without Did you know? You can automate your code coverage compromising test quality. analysis with Bamboo, a continuous integration server from Atlassian.http:// www.atlassian.com/bamboo
  2. 2. Optimise your tests Clover’s integration with Eclipse makes it a de facto part of my eXtreme Programming toolset... Eclipse + clover + JUnit is XP heaven! Franck Schmidlin, Anite Public Sector System Requirements JDK or JRE version 1.4+. Firefox, IE, or Safari. See our documentation for specic requirements for Ant, Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and more. About Atlassian Atlassian is an innovative global software company. More than 15,000 customers in 100 countries, including 30 of the world’s top 50 corporations. Over 400+ free plugins built and supported by the Atlassian community Our lustworthy products are designed to stand alone, however, their Code coverage improve test quality and increase your testing integration capabilities make them even productivity more useful. Atlassian products include: Test insight whatever your testing regime, Clover provides JIRA: Issue tracking intelligent insight into the results. FishEye: Repository insight Crucible: Code review Reports The best of both worlds, real-time coverage reporting and historical metrics reporting. Bamboo: Continuous integration Clover: Code coverage Filtering Focus your coverage analysis on what matters to Conuence: Enterprise wiki you most. Crowd: Single sign-on JIRA Studio: Hosted development suite Getting started Clover helps you identify where to best spend your testing effort. Try Clover today! Test optimization Streamline your automated testing process to build Get a free, fully functional 30-day quicker and more frequently. evaluation license of Clover: www.atlassian.com/clover Developer workow Use Clover interactively on the development desktop. IDE plugins Eclipse and IDEA plugins for coding from within Pricing* your IDE. Server ...................... 1 $1,200 Team ...................... 10 $2,200 Automation Add coverage reporting to your automated build Workgroup ............. 25 $4,000 process. Enterprise ............. 100 $8,000 Integration Clover integrates with Ant, Maven, JUnit, TestNG, Unlimited ..... Unlimited $16,000 Bamboo and many of your favorite tools. Academic licenses are available for 50% off the listed prices. Clover is free to qualifying Open Source projects or Non-Pro t & Charity organisations. * Prices subject to change.