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Creation of my school magazine contents page

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The stages taken to make the school magazine contents page.

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Creation of my school magazine contents page

  1. 1. Creation of my school magazine contents page
  2. 2. I made sure that the word contents both stood out and fit the colour scheme that I previously used on my front cover. This meant I had to use the colours purple, orange and yellow. I made sure that the contents title fitted the codes and conventions by placing it in the top left hand corner of the page.
  3. 3. I made sure that my articles were separated in to either feature or regulars. The feature section contained similar article titles that were located on my front cover. I made sure the colours used were appropriate for the colour scheme. I presented the page numbers in bold and a darker shade of pink than the article titles and the information about them. Making the title bigger than the description of the article makes the title appear more important.
  4. 4. When placing my main image I made sure that the image I was using was related to the main image on the front cover. This made it clear that my main article for the magazine was about music and having someone playing the guitar symbolises this.
  5. 5. Other images used on the contents page were made to represent other articles in the magazine. I used shots taken for the practice shots exercise as I needed more images due me losing my original images that I took for the magazine. This picture of a sixth former illustrates my article for AS success.
  6. 6. In the middle of the contents page I set out more images that would intrigue the reader in to looking at both regular and feature articles The subsidiary images will also help people who don't like the look of my main coverline and feature article in this magazine, for example the year 7 starters will intrigue younger audiences as oppose to the music magic article which features a sixth former and may not be as interesting for a KS2/3 pupil
  7. 7. The regular articles are in a different column to the feature articles and involve the same set out, meaning the page number is the biggest piece of text then the title of the articles and then a sentence of information about what the article is saying. All the regular articles advertised are weekly, the department of the week, the stars of the week and the film of the week.
  8. 8. This is the overall layout and display of my contents page and it involves subsidiary images, the word contents and both regular and feature articles. I have not included the title of my magazine or an issue number, this could be something I could work on in my next project on quark.