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CMXvan - User Journeys: Increasing Conversions With Engagement Pyramids and Flowcharts

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Slides from CMX Vancouver's September 10 event.

How do you keep your best community members? How do you successfully convert new applicants to active members? How do you ensure that they don’t walk off in disappointment when you offer the wrong experience to a highly skilled member?

You need two tools:

An engagement pyramid to prioritize your goals and roles
A user journey flowchart to map, analyze, and optimize the member experience
In this interactive session, we've review some commons tools for mapping user journeys. Then we’ll get hands-on the group creates flowcharts that will help you identify how you can create better user experiences.

Learning Outcomes
Discover how applying user journeys will improve your volunteer recruitment and retention
See examples of nonprofits mapping their user journeys and applying engagement pyramids
Get hands-on experience documenting user journeys into flowcharts
Target Audience
Community and program managers who manage memberships and supporters.

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CMXvan - User Journeys: Increasing Conversions With Engagement Pyramids and Flowcharts

  1. 1. What We Will Do Today 1. Review just some of the ways you can visualize your community 2. Complete an Engagement Pyramid and Persona (if we have time!)
  2. 2. Ice Breaker What was a memorable customer or membership experience? Why?
  3. 3. Geometry of Community
  4. 4. All Hail the Triangle!
  5. 5. The Sales Funnel WHERE am I losing people? HOW am I losing people? How can I tweak my process? How can I get more efficient? 25% conversion 19% conversion
  6. 6. Process = Winning!
  7. 7. Treat Different People Differently “We have the choice to treat [our supporters] as individuals. Not only do they need different things, but they offer differing amounts of value to you and to your project.” - Seth Godin
  8. 8. 1. Do we have ways for our members to engage at each level? 2. Do we have a way to move the most engaged people to higher levels?
  9. 9. Total active Previous 12 months
  10. 10. Let’s Make Our Own Pyramid Let’s build a pyramid
  11. 11. What are the Benefits of Participation? •it’s NOT about you. People participate for a mix of selfish and altruistic reasons. •68% volunteer because it improves their own well being and makes them happy. •50% volunteer because they want to meet new people and make friends, and to develop new skills and experiences. Or to show off their expertise!
  12. 12. Architecture of Participation • How can you make it easy for people to contribute? • What ownership can you give? • How do you encourage activity you want? • How can you support the creation of relationships? AKA User Experience (UX)
  13. 13. Personas Who do you serve and what do they want?
  14. 14. Let’s Create a Persona • Be specific • Base persona on a real person • Think about their values, motivations, and passions
  15. 15. Questions 1. Where does this person fit on the pyramid? 2. What level could they move to? 3. How would you know they’re ready for the next level?
  16. 16. Process flow Charts
  17. 17. Questions? •eli@vandergiessen.ca •@elivdg •http://www.linkedin.com/in/elijahv