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Don't research keywords, generate them...

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A different approach to coming up with sets of keywords for search engine marketing campaigns.
Using programming you can create a consistent, large, and manageable set of keywords that you can easily handle.
This is a brief presentation. More details on https://github.com/eliasdabbas/advertools

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Don't research keywords, generate them...

  1. 1. HOWTO RESEARCH KEYWORDS Use programming to create consistent and large-scale keyword combinations Elias Dabbas June 2018 Generate!
  2. 2. THETRADITIONAL APPROACH • Go to a keyword tool • Enter a bunch of initial words / topics • Get a large list of related keywords • Select the ones you want, add to an ad group • Repeat… a few thousand times
  3. 3. FOR EXAMPLE • You have a site that sells sofas, beds, and chairs, and want to explore what people look for • The keyword tool gives you a few hundred suggestions • Although most of them probably make sense, you need to check them one by one, to make sure you don’t end up bidding on something that you don’t sell
  4. 4. OBSERVATIONS • Tedious: you have to do this for every single product you have.Takes a long time. • Error prone: by the 534th product, you will probably have made a few copy-paste errors
  5. 5. OBSERVATIONS • Inconsistent: the tool will give you different combinations for different products, but you want a consistent set of keywords • e.g: for sofas it might give you “sofas for sale” and “buy sofas” • for beds it might give you “beds for sale” and “buy cheap beds” • If you sell cheap products you want to have “buy cheap X” for all your products
  6. 6. BETTER IDEA • Don’t research keywords • Generate them!
  7. 7. SUGGESTED WORKFLOW • Wouldn’t it be great if you could extract all relevant words and combine them with all your products in a consistent manner? • I think it’s best to have keyword templates that look like this: buy <product> <product> price buy <cheap product> buy <product> in <location> buy <product summer deals> etc… • Then you can replace <product> with all the products that you have
  8. 8. NOTICE • If the keyword tool suggests “buy iPhone” for iPhone and “purchase galaxy” for galaxy phones, you probably want to have both “buy iPhone”,“purchase iphone”, and “buy galaxy” with “purchase galaxy” • It’s always good to get ideas from one product and use them in another. Even though not all will show similar statistics, if a word signifies the same intent, you would want to add it to your keyword set
  9. 9. SUGGESTED WORKFLOW 1. Get all products that you sell: simply extract them from your site, data base, etc. >> trivial 2. Generate a list of words that are relevant to your products and to what you provide (around 20 - 40 words;‘buy’,‘price’,‘shop’,‘cheap’,‘offers’, etc…) >> not so hard, just needs a few hours of thinking and alignment with management or your client, this is the main exercise 3. Put the two lists in a tool that would generate the full campaign, ad group, keyword structure for you >> see next
  10. 10. ADVERTOOLS • A Python package that provides a set of useful functions that hopes to make your life as a marketer a little easier • One of the main functions it provides is for generating keyword combinations, with one click, simply by providing the two lists mentioned above (products and words)
  11. 11. HOW IT WORKS • Once you have defined a list of products [‘honda’,‘toyota’] and a list of words [‘buy’, ‘price’,‘used’], it is literally one line of code! adv.kw_generate(products, words) • Two products and three words generate 36 combinations across three match types • If you have 20 products and 20 words only, we are talking about 24,000 keywords. Still one line of code! • 200 products? 137,400 keywords.Again, one line of code…
  12. 12. GETTHE PACKAGE • if this looks interesting, you can learn more and get the package from https://github.com/eliasdabbas/ advertools • If you prefer to use it visually without code, you can create keywords through this tool: https:// www.dashboardom.com/advertools
  13. 13. THANKYOU @eliasdabbas https://github.com/eliasdabbas https://www.dashboardom.com