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Elemental Sprecher Grier Halberstam case study

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Case study for commercial law firm Sprecher Grier Halberstam (SGH Law) and how we managed media relations and PR for the brand

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Elemental Sprecher Grier Halberstam case study

  1. 1. SGH Law Case Study Media relations and PR
  2. 2. About
  3. 3. SGH Law Sprecher Grier Halberstam LLP (SGH Law) is a commercial legal firm and Business based practice with partners a specialist in their own Particular commercial field in the London-based firm
  4. 4. Brief
  5. 5. Is law interesting? Law isn’t interesting for many, but it’s certainly important for businesses Knowing to how protect your brand in traditional or digital environments Whether SMEs, or large firms, knowledge is crucial
  6. 6. Raising awareness SGH Law wanted to raise the profile of its IT & e-commerce law group, its partners and its specialist online service Weblaw raising awareness to win clients requiring business and technology law services
  7. 7. The web is quicker SGH Law wanted to raise developments particularly in the digital sector Having impact upon brands including cookies, domain names, privacy law, data protection and evolving law acts as the web grew
  8. 8. Approach
  9. 9. Reacting to legal news Focusing on traditional public relations to built rapport with influential Journalists across SGH Law’s preferred titles alerting them of articles and features they could build responses for with our help
  10. 10. Proactive legal PR Sourcing media leads from titles and pitching ideas to journalists opened up debate essential for businesses to be kept abreast of topical changes in law Our stories tuned into verticals advising them of changes
  11. 11. Employment expertise We opened up the departmental expertise across business and employment Enabling us to pitch and successfully place expert comment from lawyers Joanne Brook, James Carmody, Emma Shipp and more
  12. 12. Book launch Had key journalists attend the SGH Law book launch Reporting back on importance for their audience. We extended interest at the press event, widening its reach and relevance
  13. 13. Impact
  14. 14. Book reviews Our public relations achieved book review with targeted off and online titles Building relationships resulting in journalists seeking further comment from The authors reaching trade an other vertical media
  15. 15. Consistent reviews We highlighted the impact of issues that on the surface seemed narrow Wider audiences securing in-depth reviews that brought through the understanding of the subject matter increased book sales
  16. 16. Domain law comment Successful comms of the book surpassed expectations producing numerous enquiries from journalists exploring the domain name subject Resulting in more positive coverage and better visibility
  17. 17. Domain law specialists The book review and coverage across the range of titles and verticals Established the authors as experts and thought leaders with media Seeking further comment on the subject consistently
  18. 18. Computing and IT law Working the partners at SGH Law achieved sustained coverage in Computing, e-commerce and IT titles debating and providing relevant Commentary on issues directly effecting business owners
  19. 19. Legal expertise Positioning SGH Law spokespeople in business, design and internet media made them regular columnists in top flight publications building their gravitas Reinforcing their status as industry thought leaders
  20. 20. Extending media Building an initial rapport with media allowed us to introduce other areas of SGH Law expertise which we applied to other relevant media enquiries Successfully extended to other business and trade media
  21. 21. The legal position Tuning into current affairs and knowing what journalists were looking for allowed us to pitch more targeted ideas to reporters for thought leadership articles in addition to answering on-going enquiries
  22. 22. Reinforcing trust With trust and relationships reinforced with through our media relations Lawyers were able to demonstrate additional expertise including contracts, copyright and data law through features for magazines
  23. 23. Employment law Working with lawyers across SGH Law’s departments we were able to source employment expertise managing specific journalist enquiries Placed coverage in broadcast, trade and vertical media
  24. 24. Broad appeal Working with national and global issues that had an impact upon business From legal angles enabled us to place coverage in broadsheets including The FT, The Guardian, The Herald and The Observer
  25. 25. Value of law comms We achieved over 160 mentions for SGH Law & Weblaw focusing its Comms on media relations skilling up the firm to bring its need in-house Activity generated 1128% ROI over three years
  26. 26. SGH Law testimonial “ We have been impressed by Elemental’s efficient, professional but informal approach which has minimised our effort and produced beneficial exposure.” Simon Halberstam, partner, SGH Law
  27. 27. SGH Law testimonial “ They raised the profile of the book Domain Names - A Practical Guide. We found Elemental to be committed, proactive and a very effective consultancy.” Simon Halberstam, partner, SGH Law
  28. 28. Elemental profile
  29. 29. Background: Founded in London, England in 2001, Elemental is an independently owned communications consultancy Brand adidas, Bahamas Tourist Board, InfoSpace, Intel, NESTA, New Line Cinema, MGM MIRAGE, experience: Reebok , Russell Athletic, Topman, Ubisoft, Universal and more Core services: Content strategy , digital marketing, media relations, PR, online reputation management and social media Client sectors: Charity, entertainment, fashion, FMCG, media, music, niche businesses, retail, start-ups and technology (across B2B and B2C audiences) Mission : To create positive seamless relationships between brands and consumers through ethical integrated comms. Continually share our experiences through thought leadership articles, our blog and/or media outlets. To be transparent in what we do and the production work that we deliver challenging the industry and the environments we work within Markets: Europe: Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom Worldwide: Australia, Canada and United States of America (USA) Published media: Magazines: Including .net, Admap, brandrepublic, B2B Marketing, BBC, Computer Arts, Catalogue & e-business, CorpComms, Digital Arts, Direct Commerce, Internet Works, Mad.co.uk, Making Money, Marketing Week, Media Week, Music Ally, New Media Age (NMA), PR Week, Sports Insight, The Venturer, TechRadar, Third Sector and Web Designer Books: Quoted in Brilliant Online Marketing, Online Marketing for Business and The Bloggers Handbook Radio: BBC Radio Three minute profile elemental
  30. 30. Interested?
  31. 31. Getting in touch
  32. 32. <ul><li>Email </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Telephone </li></ul><ul><li>+44 (0) 843 208 4592 </li></ul><ul><li>Learn more with us </li></ul><ul><li>http://elementalcomms.co.uk/blog </li></ul><ul><li>http://elementalcomms.co.uk/creds </li></ul><ul><li>http://elementalcomms.co.uk/showreel </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter goodness </li></ul><ul><li>http://twitter.com/elementalcomms </li></ul><ul><li>http://twitter.com/smponline </li></ul>Contact us