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The three Rs by Óscar, Francisco, Fernando and Iván. 6ºC

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The three Rs

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The three Rs by Óscar, Francisco, Fernando and Iván. 6ºC

  2. 2.  Thanks to recycling , the disuse of useful materials is prevented, the consumption of new raw material is reduced , the use of energy is reduced , air and water pollution (through landfills) also reduce gas emissions. Greenhouse effect compared to the production of plastics.
  3. 3.  This process means that the more objects we reuse, the less trash we will produce and the less resources we will have to spend. Reuse occupies second place in the waste hierarchy, after prevention and above recycling.
  4. 4.  Reducing our consumption at the level of goods and energy expenditure means that we are contributing in an important way to reduce their impact on the environment. In the end, if we reduce the problem, we reduce the impact it can cause.
  5. 5.  Made by Oscar, Ivan, Francisco and Fernando.