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The three Rs by Antonio, Daniel and Lucía 6ºB

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The three RS

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The three Rs by Antonio, Daniel and Lucía 6ºB

  1. 1. The 3´RS
  2. 2. Reuse Reuse is the action that allows to reuse the discarded goods or products and give them an equal or different use to the one for which they were conceived. This process means that the more objects we reuse, the less trash we will produce and the less resources we will have to spend. Reuse occupies second place in the waste hierarchy, after prevention and above recycling
  3. 3. Example:
  4. 4. Recycle  Recycling is a process whose objective is to convert waste into new products or raw material for later use.  Thanks to recycling, the disuse of potentially useful materials is prevented, the consumption of new raw material is reduced, as well as reducing the use of energy, air pollution (through incineration) and water (through landfills) , as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of plastics
  5. 5. Example:
  6. 6. Reduce  Reduce or eliminate the quantity of materials destined for a single use (for example, packaging).  Adapt the appliances according to your needs (for example, putting washing machines and dishwashers full and not half loaded).  Reduce energy or resource losses: water, disconnection of electrical appliances in standby mode, efficient driving, disconnect transformers, etc.  Example: reducing the emission of polluting, harmful or toxic gases will avoid the animal or vegetal poisoning of the environment if it reaches non-harmful levels. European countries work with an important policy of reduction and with the slogan: Garbage is food (for the earth) produce products without contaminants (100% biodegradable), so that when its useful life has no impact on the environment or it is as small as possible
  7. 7. Lucía García Muñoz Antonio Plaza de la Hoz Daniel Marco Merino FIN
  8. 8. …y recordad.. reciclar es de sabios…. RECICLA