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Panel discussion lesson plan

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Lesson Plan

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Panel discussion lesson plan

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN FOR GRADE 7 ENGLISH (SECTION: ADELFA, CATTLEYA, GLADIOLA, CARNATION) I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, 85% of the students are expected to: a) discuss an issue by following the procedure of panel discussion; b) perform panel discussion; and c) appreciate the lesson by actively participating with the group activity. II. SUBJECT MATTER a) Topic: Panel Discussion b) Materials: Visual Aid, Task Cards c) Reference: Experiencing Powerful English Work text (pg. 204) d) Time Frame: 1hour III. LEARNING PROCEDURE a) Preliminary activities a. Daily Routine o Prayer o Classroom Cleanliness o Checking of Attendance b) Motivation - The teacher will show pictures to the students. - Let the students describe the pictures. c) Analysis After the activity, ask the following questions to the students: 1) What have you observed on the pictures? 2) Have you tried discussing something to someone before? How do you do it? d) Abstraction o Panel Discussion is a discussion in which few persons carry on the conversation in front of an audience. o Members in a Panel Discussion: Moderator; Expert; Audience o Procedure for Panel Discussion a) The moderator introduces the topic. b) The experts present their views and opinions regarding the topic or talk for a set of time (2mins). c) The experts will be asked series of questions by the other panel of experts.
  2. 2. d) The audience listens during discussion. One audience will be paired to an expert for the evaluation. o DO’s - Experts must be prepared with their talks - Follow the time limits. o DON’T’s - Do not interrupt when other expert is talking e) Application o Activity: Panel Discussion o Topic: What Must Be Done? o Situation: - You are on a television program. Your topic focuses on the issue of poor garbage collection in your community. This has caused an alarming incidence of typhoid fever. Three deaths were recorded within the first week. 1) Now, three students will each play the role of factory owner, a news reporter, and a head of the street cleaners 2) Three other students will play the roles of government officials: a mayor, a barangay captain, and a health officer. 3) The rest will be the audience for the mean time. f) Evaluation o Panel Discussion Evaluation Sheet STUDENT NAME: RATED BY: POINTS 0 (poor) 1 (acceptable) 2 (good) 3 (excellent) 1) Level of understanding of the subject matter 2) Presentation of the topic 3) Demonstration of courtesy to other members 4) Responses to audience g) Assignment - Why do we need to learn panel discussion? Explain your answer in an essay.