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Shorten Business Life Cycle Using DevOps

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Shorten Business Life Cycle Using DevOps

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Shorten Business Life Cycle Using DevOps

  1. 1. Guruswamy B M, Partner Enablement Mgr. Email: Shorten Business Life Cycle Using DevOps
  2. 2. Ask us questions in the Q & A Panel We will send you the recording and slides HOUSEKEEPING
  3. 3. Agenda 3 • What is DevOps? • Benefits and Importance of DevOps • Life Cycle of DevOps • Actors and Their Roles • Few Challenges in DevOps • Approaches to DevOps Testing • Continuous Testing for DevOps with Perfecto • Demo • Case Studies • Q & A
  4. 4. What is DevOps? DevOps can be defined as a culture or process or practice within an organization that increases the communication, collaboration and integration of the Development (which includes the QA team) and the Operations (IT Operations) teams. The aim is to automate and speed up the software delivery process much more frequently and reliably
  5. 5. Business Pain 1. Release Cycle 2. Faster TTM 3. Product Stabilization 4. Feedback Mechanism 5. Supported Tools
  6. 6. Benefits And Importance of DevOps
  7. 7. Life Cycle of DevOps
  8. 8. Actors and Their Roles • As a Ops engineer I want to monitor production data via Splunk, Crashlytics • As a Ops I should be able to do CI and kick automation scripts • As a Ops I should be able to auto deploy various platforms (CD) and Kick automation scripts • As a Ops I should be able to trigger execution status email to teams for further analysis • As Scrum master, I should have Reports dashboard on daily standups to prioritize the tasks • As a Product team I should receive build status and automation results email daily basis • As a manual tester I would be able test feature in real device • As a automation tester I need build and devices to write scripts • Faster feedback available for quick script fixes and test stabilization • As a Automation tester I should be able to write scripts involving real end scenarios and Performance oriented • • As a developer I want to run my unit tests, Espresso, XCUItests on real device • As a developer, I need a quick feedback on the tests executed • As a developer I should be able initiate CI, CD jobs if required. • As a developer I should be able to access latest OS and latest devices released to market DEV QA OPSPRODUCT
  9. 9. Few Challenges in DevOps How to increase release frequency while retaining high product quality Frequent changes in the market – new OSes and devices make a direct impact on app quality It’s hard to embed stable and reliable automation that simulates real user experience as part of the development process.
  10. 10. Continuous Testing at Scale Always Green, Everything Every Day Goal Optimize the DevOps Pipeline - through - Continuous Testing - by - Building stable, scalable and maintainable test automation that you TRUST Challenge Test automation projects deliver limited value • Flaky tests • Untrusted results • Noise • Hard to decipher results Solution Perfecto’s Continuous Testing Blueprint Best practices and support focused on customers achieving positive business outcomes tied to the value we sold them Green means Green Go Faster Confidently Frustration Achieving Value Systematically
  11. 11. 1 2 3 4 Approaches to DevOps Testing Coverage DailySprint Smoke Full Coverage before Robustness Robustness Before Coverage Most of the market • Sprint level execution • Half-way to coverage 1. Create some scripts 2. Create more scripts 3. Even more scripts 4. (Try to) run them daily 1 2 3 4 1. Create few robust scripts 2. Make sure they run daily 3. Slowly add more scripts 1. Maintain stability & visibility 4. Add more scripts • Too many failures • Too much time spent on analysis
  12. 12. Continuous Testing for DevOps with Perfecto DevOPs cycle DevOps cycle for quick development and deployment Increase coverage to automate across required platforms, environment conditions and digital interfaces Max. digital coverage Faster Feedbac k Perfecto has in-built reporting methodology, gives historical data, slide/dice results. We can get to know what are the gaps in execution even before we actually do a deep-dive leading to very quick feedback High degree of automation Scale robust testing to cover all relevant use cases, timed to daily executions across multiple teams Usability Testing Test little, test often
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14. Bank of America – Reduce Release Cycle – Time to Market © 2017, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. • Challenge - Test Cycle taking too long – 2 weeks - Unable to run automation at scale • Goals - Streamline QA process to get faster feedback to Dev - Decrease regression testing from 2 weeks to 48 hrs - Reduce escape defects with improved test coverage • Key Metrics - Reduced Test Cycle by 85% - Coverage increased by 500% Test Cycle Before: 2 weeks After: 7 hours
  15. 15. Citizens Bank – Award Winning App – Shift Quality Left © 2017, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. • Challenge - Manual risked based approach to testing  10% market coverage - Defects found late in the release  100+ escape defects • Goals - Automate manual testing - Reduce escape defects - Increase device coverage  5 devices vs. 32 devices • Key Metrics - Automated 80% of manual testing Before: 2 Star App After: Award Winning App *Financial
  16. 16. CIBC – Reduce release cycle time – Time to market © 2017, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. • Challenge - Demand for high-quality, useful features delivered quickly growing - Low funding - Release faster, with better quality, without extra resources • Goals - Achieve 80%+ automation for regression - Give 50%+ of regression time back to partners for alternate use - Improve mobile coverage by 100% • Key Metrics - 600% improvement in coverage Before: 15-day day regression 6 devices Test cases distributed across devices Manually tested After: 5-day regression 15 devices All regression test cases run on all devices 85% Automation (cheque capture, finger-print ID)
  17. 17. Tangerine – Manual to automated– Reduce the cost of quality • Challenge - 2 frameworks for mobile and web - Attended technical expertise required for auto execution - High first-run fail rate = lack of trust In • Goals - Unify 2 frameworks into one framework - Lower skillset required to operate automation program - Unattended automation to allow for increased execution • Key Metrics - 9-month payback on Perfecto ACV + FTE + Black Belt - 70%+ first-run pass rate - 400 % improvement in coverage - Eliminate UFT license costs Mobile regression Before: 15 hours attended After: 6 hours unattended
  18. 18. Lloyds – High Cost Testing Approach – Reduce Cost © 2017, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. • Challenge - Increasing manual costs - High risk of escape defects • Goals - Automate manual effort  Days Saved 317 (12 Months)  428 Scripts across 34 platforms  Regression: 40 hours to >2 hours – Manual –UFT-Appium - Increase Velocity  Bi Weekly (4x coverage)  4.5 days more development per cycle • Key Metrics - 63% Increased Platform Coverage - 60% Automation - 53% Labour Costs Saving through Offshoring - 4.6* App Regression Time Before: 40 Hours After: >2 hours 95% Improvement
  19. 19. Q & A
  20. 20. Thank You Guruswamy B M Partner Enablement Manager Email: guruswamy.bm@perfectomobile.com