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ThinkThrough Math #HISD Summer Pathways Guide 2015

TTM HISD Summer Pathway Guide 2015

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ThinkThrough Math #HISD Summer Pathways Guide 2015

  1. 1. HISD Summer School 2015 Think Through Math pathways must be assigned to students by each summer school math teacher. Follow this step-by-step process for assigning customized summer school pathways for students in grades 3-8 this summer. Step 1: Login to TTM Step 2: Click CLASSES tab to see a list of all your classes. Find the summer school class with the students you want to assign a pathway. Step 3: Select CURRENT STUDENTS button. Step 4: Choose student(s) to assign a pathway by checking boxes to left of names. Step 5: Then click on ASSIGN PATHWAY button at the top. (You can also print student login ‘Start Cards’ here at top right) TTM
  2. 2. Report Analysis with Multiple Pathways: How do Think Through Math Reports work with multiple classrooms and pathways? * Student Progress Report shows work for one pathway at a time and defaults to pathway most recently assigned. View a different pathway by selecting from drop-down menu filters. Data shows from selected pathway only. [Student Performance, Grade Level Performance, & Student Growth] * Standards & Overview Reports show all student work from all pathways. Use filters to identify which students to view. Step 6: To find summer school pathways, go to CUSTOMER CREATED tab. Step 7: Locate your grade level HISD Summer School Pathway in list. Select it. Step 8: Scroll to bottom of page and click ENROLL button to assign selected summer school pathway. Students see pathways at top of dashboard. Multiple pathways are listed when more than 1 incomplete pathway is assigned. When ready to begin work, students must select summer pathway by clicking button next to pathway name.