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SAFEFI Tyler - Advanced Security

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Report Crimes and Suspicious Activities with SAFEFI , Text-to-911, Safety in the palms of your hands

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SAFEFI Tyler - Advanced Security

  1. 1. SafeFi is a safety application that can be utilized in any dangerous or uncomfortable situation to alert others that they are in need of help.
  2. 2. Security Mobilized With Safety, Every Second Counts SafeFi Extend GPS’s Full Service Technology Off-site SafeFi SNAPP Technology provides security personnel with the fastest and most effective way to communicate, share data and respond to incidents. Don’t limit your safety to wired systems; expand your protection to a state-of-the-art global cloud-based web-platform. Monitor and protect individuals or groups across the globe with a robust cloud-based web-platform Power Button = Rescue Button Immediate activation Instant notification GPS location sharing Customizable alert message
  3. 3. Report Crime and Suspicious Activities Text-to-911 Instantly and Discreetly Customizable Protection Allow users to send reports directly to security personnel Text-to-911 feature allows security personnel to quickly and discreetly report emergencies to 911. With safety, every second counts. Geo-Fence perimeters to ensure community and resident safety Crimes in action Suspicious activities Includes exact location and description