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Cloud to Cable intellectual Property Portfolio

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Cloud to Cable Portfolio: Licensing Opportunities, Software, Patents, Trade Secrets. Music for Cable TV with different music genres, ready for broadcast to IPTV, Cable TV, and OTT Operators

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Cloud to Cable intellectual Property Portfolio

  1. 1. Cloud to Cable TV Media Streaming Patent & IP Portfolio cloudtocable.com | eglacomm.com
  2. 2. We have developed a technology to deliver music & TV content to cable operators and mobile devices, all in one- stop-shop. Our portfolio includes a license to: • US patents • European patents • Software and trade secrets Introduction
  3. 3. MEVIA a Platform for Influencers © 2018 EGLACOMM Confidential under NDA Cable TV Distribution Mobile App Distribution
  4. 4. Success Stories MOOD MEDIA | DMX • Distributed music content to 20M subscribers in LATAM • Successful sale of MOOD/DMX to Stingray Digital for $16M • EGLA’s Customers: • Cablevision Mexico, Axtel TV, • Claro TV, TIGO, and many others SKY BRASIL • Launched their SKY TUNES streaming service with EGLA • Thousands of listeners content available in mobile, web, and Cable TV CABLE COLOR • 700K Subscribers • El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala
  5. 5. The IP and Technology Patented innovative technology called: CLOUD to CABLE • Music broadcasting to Operators • Modern virtualization and cloud technologies • Broadcasting with fault-tolerance • Parallel transcoding • Web-based approach • Interactive and VOD integration • TV & Music all in one Platform Software and technologies tested in several operators, iOS, Android device, and several Set Top Boxes
  6. 6. Music & TV Content Patented Technology
  7. 7. Overview of Patents Utility Patent Issued 10,123,074 18 Claims US Patent Continuation 16/152,606 14Claims European EP3238457A1 23 Claims Web-based technologies in Cable TV Music & TV Broadcasting Virtualization and Cloud-based claims
  8. 8. Overview of Technology, Software and Trade Secrets Trade Secrets : Configuration and parameters Software : MEVIA Appliance 19
  9. 9. What can CLOUD to CABLE can do for you? Patented technology ❑ VOD Broadcast ❑ Linear TV Broadcast Reference implementations for Apps ❑ iOS, Android Appliance for Operators: Mobile, Connected Apps For patent litigation matters, owning a license to our portfolio and patents brings value to your company, enhances the future and enables better positioning in the market.. Cloud to Cable delivers a one-stop-shop to ”Amplify your Reach®” Cloud & VOD Broadcast Cable TV and Satellite BroadcastIn summary:
  10. 10. Powered by CLOUD TO CABLE
  11. 11. Music LINEUP
  12. 12. 12 Any Genre Adding curated digital content to fit your needs Customize
  13. 13. Licensing Opportunities Acquisition of Patents & Technology Exclusive Licensing Non-Exclusive Licensing Partnership and distribution agreement with our technology
  14. 14. 561.306.4996 edwinhm@eglacorp.com cloudtocable.com | www.eglacomm.com