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  1. Just what are we AND WHAT DO WE DO?
  2. Did you know THE WHAT REPORTED TRACTION NUMBERS We find the missing by marketing their stories and share that marketing with sponsors According to the FBI there are over 600,000 reported missing each year. According to that for the last 4 years we’ve outranked all competitors. Nationally & Globally. Not happened since 2007 600,000 Reported by the FBI is also our market and estimate only 2% share by 3 year. We have an AI platform using Dos commands which is based on the demographics of the missing person The FBI also states that if a reported person isn’t located within 72 hours, it usually turns into years Most fundable according Pepperdine Business Review 2022 Google Sr. Program Engineer states we’ll be worth $500 Million in 4 years 2% = 12,000 12.000 X $2,500 Mktg. = $30 Million Remember mktg. campaign covered by sponsors Marketing campaign expenses are covered by corporate sponsors, but we also share 100% of the marketing campaign with them The average posting only includes an image, date missing, age and date last seen. That’s it! Local media or national will run a missing for 1-2 days, unless they find a body Case results: 1.) Little boy missing for 18 months, we found in 5 months 2.) Adults missing for 6 years, we found in 6 months 3.) Sisters looking for older brother, missing 31 years, we found in 5 months We can get there but do we in year 3 and the answer is no. No because it would take full staffing and then some