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Drop box & blog posting insturctions

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Drop box & blog posting insturctions

  1. 1.  You will be able to send all of your daily notes, quizzes, tests, and keynotes to me and the internet website instantly by using the app called Drop Box. You will download all of your assignments from Drop Box each day, and complete them using Iannotate on you iPad. You then send your work to your folder in Drop Box. Also, you will be able to send a copy of your daily work or notes to the website for study purposes. (Note: I must approve all posts before they will be viewable on the website. Remember anyone can view your work on the website too.)
  2. 2.  Step1: Click on the Dropbox app on your iPad.
  3. 3.  Step 2: Click on either assignment s or tests. You will click on tests today, to download and take you science test.
  4. 4.  Step3: Click on Chapter 7 & 8 test.
  5. 5.  Step 4: Click on the export tab on the top right hand corner.
  6. 6.  Step 5: Click on iAnnotate PDF. This will allow you to work on your test or assignment in class.
  7. 7.  Step 6: Once you have finished your test, you will hold your finger on the tab that says Chapter 7 & 8 test. A menu will drop down, and you will click share.
  8. 8.  Step7: Select the Open In… tab next.
  9. 9.  Step 8: Select the Flattened format.
  10. 10.  Step9: Scroll down and select the Dropbox app.
  11. 11.  Step 10: You might have to navigate back to the main dropbox menu, and then you will click students.
  12. 12.  Step 11: You will now scroll and find your file folder, which will have your first name. Click on you file with your name on it.
  13. 13.  Step12: You will then click upload once you have opened your folder on Dropbox.
  14. 14.  Step13: Now your assignme nt will be loaded on Dropbox.
  15. 15.  Step 1: Click on the paper clip tab, which is located at the top right of the screen. Click Email Link.
  16. 16.  Step 2: Copy the link by holding your finger on the word, and then select the whole link.
  17. 17.  Step 2: go to eddienem ec.blogsp ot.com. Click on the drop box tab on the right.
  18. 18.  Step 3: You will then paste the link in the post a comment box, and select anonymous. Make sure you put your name below the link you pasted in the comment box.
  19. 19.  Step 4: You will have to copy and type a phrase to submit your post for approval.