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Eva daileys unit 1 powepoint edu642 1202 a-01

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Eva daileys unit 1 powepoint edu642 1202 a-01

  1. 1. Learners Today Eva Dailey Unit 1 IP April 22, 2012
  2. 2. Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials
  3. 3. Millennial Generation• The Millennial Generation is by far the most analyzed, most marketed to and most intriguing generation to date. It is a generation that is comprised of individuals who are extremely ambitious and not only have high expectations for themselves, but also for those around them including their friends, families, communities and brands
  4. 4. Millennial LearnersTechnology makes it possible now forlearners to learn formally or informally
  5. 5. Formal Learning• Formal learning takes place in a highly institutionalized, bureaucratic, curriculum driven place and formally recognized by grades, diplomas or certificates.• Examples would be classrooms or online courses.
  6. 6. Informal Learning• Informal learning takes place outside of an educational establishment.• It does not follow a curriculum• Its not professionally organized• An example would be reading a blog, chat rooms, by phone or message
  7. 7. Characteristics of Millennials• Mediavores• Multitaskers• Service oriented• Tolerant• Energetic• Demanding• Participatory• Social• Independent• digital
  8. 8. MediavoresThe millennialgeneration isaddicted to media.Rather it bethrough textmessages, instantmessages, facebook or twitter
  9. 9. MultitaskersMillennials are experts at multitasking,they can listen to music, watch TV andcommunicate online, all while doinghomework
  10. 10. Service orientedMillennials have a strong sense of common goodand of collective social and civic responsibility.They are more knowledgeable than any previousgeneration about social issues and more concernedabout the environment, aids,drugs,crime and etc.
  11. 11. TolerantMillennials are able towithstand or endurean adverseenvironment. Theyare more Inclined totolerate the beliefs,practices, or traits ofothers.
  12. 12. EnergeticMillennials possessand exhibit tons ofenergy inabundance, theyare very vigorousand powerful inaction.
  13. 13. DemandingThe millennialgeneration is a self-absorbed,confident yetopen-mindedgeneration, moredemanding thantheir parents everwere.
  14. 14. ParticipatoryThe Millennials arenot afraid ofparticipation. Theyare more of a openminded generationand more willingto participatethan any previousgeneration.
  15. 15. SocialThis is a very socialgeneration, theyseem to have noproblem beingsociable andfriendly. They lovesocializingespecially throughchatting, orblogging.
  16. 16. IndependentThe millennialgeneration is a veryindependentgeneration. Theylearn a lot of thingson their own,rather its byreading or just bywatching.
  18. 18. CreativeCreative is sort ofan understatementfor this generation.Their thoughtexpression areoriginal. They arevery imaginativewhen it comes toideas.
  20. 20. Millenials Self Selected Descriptions
  21. 21. Technology Driven
  22. 22. Conclusion of Millennial Generation• The Millennial Generation are the successors to the Baby Boomers and to Generation X.• These are the people who reach the age of majority at either side of the turn of the millennium.• Their attitudes and aspirations will help to shape the early years of that millennium
  23. 23. Conclusion of Millennial Generation• Technology has made this participation easier than for past generations. For Millennials, there is no life before computers or the Internet. As a by- product of being reared in a culture of speed, technology and choice, they are savvy early adopters who quickly master whatever new programs that come to the market. Growing up with the Internet has exposed Millennials to an entire Global Community and increased their awareness of news and world events.
  24. 24. Millennial Generation
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