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Sunset cove restoration project -update

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update by the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers on sunset cove restoration project as the project is now completed for the phase 1 construction and plans for the volunteer planting and phase 2 construction

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Sunset cove restoration project -update

  1. 1. Sunset Cove---Update u 12 acre site u Spectacular views of Jamaica Bay and NYC u Located at extreme south end of Broad Channel u NYC Parks land adjacent to NPS wetlands u Wetland cove and upland area u Unique Opportunity to restore Degraded shoreline area u Currently the largest Restoration Project underway in Jamaica Bay
  2. 2. History u Small Marina since the 40’s u Marina greatly expanded thru illegal fill in 1970’s and 80’s. u Court action at both state and Federal level u Resulted in 1998 decision to reduce size u 2008 decision for additional violations led to state acquisition u 2008 Land put under jurisdiction of NYC DCAS
  3. 3. History ´ Broad Channel Civic Association led effort to have area deeded to NYC Parks. ´ Worked thru Councilman Ulrich’s office to have transferred to NYC Parks in 2009 ´ BCCA passed unanimous resolution in February of 2010 endorsing wetlands restoration, upland forest, walking trails, boardwalk plan. ´ BCCA plan submitted to NYC PARKS RFEI— only plan submitted
  4. 4. Features of Project: u • Restoration of approximately 4 acres of low marsh. u • Restoration of approximately 0.5 acres of high marsh. u • Restoration of approximately 4 acres of scrubland. u • Restoration of approximately 3.5 acres of coastal forest. u • Restoration of approximately 1,000 linear feet of upland perimeter. u • Construction of boardwalk, outdoor classroom and perimeter walking trail/Berm and Eco-dock for student use .
  5. 5. Sunset Cove 2006
  6. 6. Sunset Cove 2013
  7. 7. Phase 1 funding u NEWIPCC EPA Grant - $60,000 u State EPF Grant - $50,000 u DOI NFWF Grant - $4,850,000 u DEC Mitigation Payments u Transco Williams - $500,000 u Dept of Sanitation - $750,000 u NYCDOT - $990,000 u DPR - $70,000 (Beach 108 Bulkhead Project) u DEP Design Contribution - $50,000 u Total original Funding expectation- $7,320,000
  8. 8. Partners u NYC Parks u NYC DEP u NYS DEC u National Parks Service u Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers u American Littoral Society
  9. 9. Dept of Interior Grant awarded for 4.8 Million
  10. 10. Funding shortfall u Project out for bid in May 2017 u Minimum bid received 7 million short u Project in Jeopardy and DOI Funding u Ecowatchers and BCCA lobby Mayors office u Elected officials lend full support u October 6th Funding received from Mayors Office
  11. 11. Press Conference- October 6th 2017
  12. 12. Plantings u Over 2000 container plants and trees planted by contractor u 200,000 plugs planted -100,000 of these will be Spartina planted by volunteers supervised by the American Littoral Society Volunteers are needed
  13. 13. Community Planting u 100,000 plugs of Spartina u Managed by the American Littoral Society u Volunteer dates u June 8 and 9 - Small group, test pilot events u June 12, 13, 14 - Corporate, club groups, mid-week u June 15 - Open Public Day - large volunteer effort u June 29 and 30 - Public Volunteer effort continued COME ON OUT AND GET INVOLVED !!
  14. 14. Phase 2 Funding-- } Total final cost estimate $ 1.8 Million } Funding Sources-- ◦ Broad Channel CRZ NY Rising- -----$500,000 ◦ Queens Borough President Melinda Katz--$1,000,000 ◦ Assemblywoman Amato - $125,000 ◦ State Senator Addabbo--$ 175,000 ◦ Broad Channel Civic thru Participatory Budget-$200,00
  15. 15. Boardwalk and Entrance to Park –Phase 2
  16. 16. fun
  17. 17. u
  18. 18. Wetlands Experience
  19. 19. Boardwalk design using restored lumber from Rockaway Boardwalk
  20. 20. Learning/Research-ECO DOCK
  21. 21. Solstice Markers