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Investor reach

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Investor reach

  1. 1. Investo The new age of client generation for Financial advisers. No more leads. Just clients. www.econnexx.com/investor-reach
  2. 2. Investor Reach TM STEP 1. 1. CHOOSE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT PROFILE   Financial  advisers  register  for  InvestorReach™  in  order  to   generate  clients  with  a  certain  investment  por8olio  value,   located  in  a  specific  geographical  area.       The  adviser  selects  the  client  profile  and  pays  an  ini?al  booking   fee.  InvestorReach™  then  market  through  a  central  brand   (ukmoneysite™)  to  provide  the  required  client  type.  
  3. 3. STEP 2. 1. ATTRACT INVESTOR INTEREST ukmoneysite™  is  a  brand  developed  by  econnexx  to  aFract  high   net  worth  investors  by  providing  unrivalled  informa?on  and   complementary  por8olio  reviews  highligh?ng  the  exact   performance  of  funds  held  within  an  investors  ISA,  Pension  or   Investment  por8olio’s.   Investor Reach TM
  4. 4. STEP 3. 1. WE PROVIDE VALUE TO THE INVESTOR   Providing  complementary  por8olio  reviews  our  internal  team   demonstrate  to    consumer  investors  that  a  large  propor?on  of   their  investment  funds  are  3rd/4th  quar?le  performing  funds,  the   investor  then  ques?ons  their  investment  choices,  or  advice   received  to  date.   Investor Reach TM
  5. 5. STEP 4. 1. PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FROM OUR TEAM Once  investors  receive  their  por8olio  analysis,  they  are   presented  with  two  op?ons:  (1)  they  can  subscribe  to  the   ukmoneysite  subscrip?on  service;  (2)  they  can  be  referred  to   one  of  our  Expert  Panel  Advisers  who  will  assist  them  in   developing  a  more  suitable  por8olio. Investor Reach TM
  6. 6. STEP 5. 1. INTRODUCTION TO OUR EXPERT PANEL ADVISER Once  a  need    for  further  advice  has  been  iden?fied  we   introduce  the  Investor  to  our  Expert  Panel  Advisor.  The  client   will  match  the  par?cular  client  profile  and  geographical  area   requested  by  the  Expert  Panel  Adviser.   Investor Reach TM
  7. 7. STEP 6. 1. CLIENT HANDOVER   The  allocated  adviser  will  gain  access  to  all  communica?on   between  our  team  and  the  investor,  including  por8olio  reviews   and  conversa?on  notes.  If  the  investor  does  not  proceed  as  a   client,  we  will  takeover  the  contact  and  provide  a  new  suitable   client.   Investor Reach TM