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Google Charts for native Android apps

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Google Charts is a JavaScript API for quickly creating beautiful charts and graphs that are powerful, simple to use, and best of all free. This talk explores how you can incorporate Google Charts into your Android apps using a WebView and very little code.

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Google Charts for native Android apps

  1. 1. Google Chartsfor native Android appsChuck GrebMobile Platform ArchitectAWeber Communications@ecgreb
  2. 2. this is a terrible idea...
  3. 3. Why Google Charts?1. Lack of a definitive SDK or client-sidelibrary solution.2. Most open source libraries have limitedfeatures or are not actively maintained.3. Ability to quickly get something up andrunning with minimal effort that can laterbe swapped out for a custom solution.
  4. 4. Client-side LibrariesGraphViewChartDroidAChartEngineAFreeChartAndroidPlot
  5. 5. Client-side LibrariesPros● Open source● Self-contained● Easy to integrateCons● Limited features● Older platformversions● Look & feel● Customization hard● Lack of support
  6. 6. Google Charts
  7. 7. Google ChartsPros● Feature rich● Simple API● Customizable● Responsive design● InteractiveCons● Network connection● Load time● Backwardcompatibility
  8. 8. Google Charts on Web
  9. 9. Google Charts on Web
  10. 10. Google Charts on Web
  11. 11. Google Charts on Android
  12. 12. Google Charts on Android
  13. 13. Google Charts on Android
  14. 14. Dynamic Data
  15. 15. Dynamic Data
  16. 16. Dynamic Data
  17. 17. Dynamic Data
  18. 18. Dynamic Data
  19. 19. Hello Pizza Charthttps://github.com/ecgreb/hello-pizza-chart
  20. 20. Thank YouQuestions?Chuck GrebMobile Platform ArchitectAWeber Communications@ecgreb