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Drive new ppt

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Drive new ppt

  1. 1. The rewarding program
  2. 2. Welcome to Drive For whom DRIVE has been made for?  Resellers of the top Vendors What DRIVE is meant to do?  Rewarding Resellers engaging end users at the initial contact Does DRIVE provide a tangible reward?  Yes, it provides extra revenues and the DRIVE shop offers suitable personal gifts Does DRIVE provide an intangible reward?  Yes, it improves the relationships with Vendors Is DRIVE comparable to other rewarding program?  No, DRIVE is the first and only MULTIVENDOR rewarding program, managed by a distributor such as Exclusive Networks!
  3. 3. How DRIVE works • Every reseller can access the program via their personal accounts on the DRIVE portal • Resellers get rewarded joining a Vendors campaign and registering the details of their meetings with end users on the DRIVE portal • Rewards are based on points (=€) that can be spent on the DRIVE shop or at Exclusive Networks for hospitality services (or more!)
  4. 4. Why joining DRIVE? 2.Negotiation Opportunities Presentation POC Assessment 3.Deal Deals SALE Customer Visit 1.Initial contact Event Marketing emailing Leads Only few contacts in the funnel reach the final stage of the sales cycle. • Many contacts don’t lead to an opportunity and to a deal • The conversion rate of a lead in a deal is lower than 20% SALES STAGES
  5. 5. The revenue you will get without DRIVE 3. Deal Deals SALE € € € € €€ONLY IF THE DEAL IS CLOSED SALES STAGES • Only leads converted in deals generate revenue • Many leads don’t generate revenues because conversion rate<20% Leads Customer Visit 1. Initial contact Event Marketing emailing 0 € 2. Negotiation Opportunities Presentation POC Assessment 0 €
  6. 6. Opportunities 2.Negotiation Presentation POC Assessment €€ €€ € € €€ €€ € €€ € € € € €€ Customer Visit 1.Initial contact Event Marketing campaigns Leads 3. Deal Deals SALE€ € € € €€ONLY IF THE DEAL IS CLOSED The revenue you will get with DRIVE SALES STAGES Has anything changed?• Even if leads don’t get into deals, they generate a profit • Leads generate revenues at the initial contact stage €€ €
  7. 7. The DRIVE unique benefits • Reward earned right from the first stage of the sales cycle (at the initial contact!) • Points/euros are granted by participating at the program • Opportunity to show the interest in selling specific a vendor to improve relationships • Points can be spend for personal or business rewards