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Discover more about the business environment in Mexico - EBANX Payments

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Mexico: the fastest growing ecommerce in Latin America.

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, and also has the second largest online community (just behind Brazil). Last year Mexico had incredible growth and everything indicates that in 2016 the country will grow even more. Take advantage of the full potential of the hottest market right now.

Mexico is growing at an amazing rate. Take advantage of this hot market opportunity and start selling a lot more with EBANX. Cash is still the most utilized form of payment in Mexico, where the majority of the population is unbanked. Just 39% of Mexicans have a bank account and of this total, only a small portion use credit cards.

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Discover more about the business environment in Mexico - EBANX Payments

  1. 1. Subtítulo MEXICO Overview EBANX Solutions
  2. 2. Established as one of the world's great civilizations, Mexico is a fusion of Mayan and Spanish decedents. With a vibrant, burgeoning economy, the country is consuming the world and gaining an edge on neighboring nations. The Mexican culture is known worldwide for its unique music, food, entertainment, and habits - from mobile usage to payment methods. Ever heard of OXXO? If you’re interested in exploring business opportunities in Mexico, it’s vital to learn more about this amazing country. There’s more to know in Mexico than tequila, mariachi and beautiful beaches. WELCOMETOMEXICO. MICASA,SUCASA. EconomyPopulation 15th126M Currency Mexicanpeso (MXN) OnlineUsers 65M OnlineShoppers 16M BankedPopulation 35% Popularlocal paymentmethod
  3. 3. Mexico has the 2nd largest Latin America online population, following Brazil's, with 65 million internet users. 2015 marked the first year that the majority (53.8%) of the country’s population is online. When Mexicans are online, 32% of the time they are on social media websites, and from those, 80% check their profiles on a daily basis. THEY'RECONNECTED. THEY'RELIKINGANDSHARINGIT. Alandwheremobile isTHEthing. MEXICAN POPULATION ON FACEBOOK, 22M = 2 TIMES GREECE'S ENTIRE POPULATION When talking about mobile usage, Mexico is the first one in Latin America. A study revealed that 81% of Mexicans who access the internet, will access it via mobile devices on a monthly basis. A research conducted in Mexico City showed that smartphones are the primary device used to access the internet in Mexico, mentioned by 39.1%. Desktops were still highly relevant with 34.9%. FACEBOOK34% YOUTUBE28,8% TARINGA*10% * Taringa is a popular social media used in Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.
  4. 4. The Mexico ecommerce market is in an early stage and it’s projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. By 2018, Mexico will be home to 80 million internet users, 21.1 million of whom will be econsumers, and they'll spent 12 billion dollars online (nowadays this sum is 6). ECOMMERCERETAIL ISGROWINGONA DOUBLE-DIGITBASIS. 2013TO2014 2014TO2015 32% 50% 87% 14,5% Almost 16 million Mexicans shop online, and over 50% of Mexican purchases are conducted on foreign websites. Mexicans are buying from their neighbour and, as the rest of the world, they are buying from the Asia’s giant.
  5. 5. PAYMENTMETHODSAREACONCERN FORDIGITALCUSTOMERS. 51% of buyers states that they have abandoned an online shopping cart because their preferred payment option was unavailable. Mexico is also a cash based economy. In fact, nearly 2/3rds of Mexicans still don’t have a bank account. Online transactions are mainly paid: Unlike most Latin American countries, debit card penetration in Mexico is extremely high compared to credit cards: 139.7 million vs 29.7 million. That’s nearly 4 debit cards for every credit card. However most debit cards can’t process online transactions and many which are able can’t process foreign exchange.ONLINE TRANSACTIONSARE PAIDVIACASHOR CASHONDELIVERY (OXXO) CREDITCARDS DEBITCARDS 32% 28% 15%
  6. 6. OXXO,THENATIONAL PREFERENCE,ACCEPTED IN13,000LOCATIONS. Mexico is a really unique place and it's obvious that their prefered local payment method is fascinating as well. OXXO is not a bank, OXXO is Mexico’s largest convenience store chain and one of its most successful retailers with over 13,000 stores. It's 7 times larger than it’s nearest competitor! OXXO is similar to other popular payment methods in Latin America, such as, Boleto Bancario (Brazil), PagoEfectivo (Peru), and Baloto (Colombia), also offered by EBANX. Whenthispaymentmethodischosen, thebuyer receivesabarcodevoucher thatcanbeprintedandpaidinany OXXOstorewithcash.Thetransaction isonlyconfirmedafterthepaymentis processedinanOXXOstore.
  7. 7. EBANXEND-TO-ENDDIRECT ACQUIRINGSOLUTIONALLOW MERCHANTSTOACCEPTCREDIT ANDDEBITCARDTRANSACTIONS. We process Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and any debit card issued by Visa and MasterCard in Mexico, with a local anti-fraud solution. Most Credit Cards are not enable for international transactions, that's why a merchant needs a local partner to process local cards. The approval rate for local cards, compared to international ones, in 50%higher. Debit card penetration is much higher (80%) because the government obliges companies to open a bank account with a debit card attached to every employee. But that’s also why the approval rate for online debit transactions is not as good as in other countries, around 30%.
  8. 8. BEPART OFTHIS GROWING MARKET. In order to reach 100% of the online Mexican population, it is critical to offer their main local payment method, OXXO, and also local credit and debit cards. But how can you do it? Well, you and your business can start as a global merchant in Mexico, going through all the legal process, local taxes and cross border payment processing. Or you can develop a local partnership with EBANX. As choosing EBANX as partner, you and your business will be able to increase authorization rates significantly by utilizing local acquiring. In addition, you can also grant your consumers local payment methods such as OXXO and local cards. Give us a call, we're here to help develop your business in Mexico and Latin America. ELMUNDOESTUYO. International Credit Cards EBANX Local Payment Methods 100% Market Reach with EBANX
  9. 9. KEEP IN TOUCH +55 41 3044-8483 bizdev@ebanx.com ebanx.com GROW WITH US IN LATIN AMERICA