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eRoam Product Overview August 2018

  1. Company Presentation August 2018
  2. 1 A travel tech company with a unique booking platform Our mission is to assist Travel Advisors and Travel Intermediaries to better serve their clients by offering them tools that will increase their productivity and conversions rates eRoam uses Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) that allows the User to create complex itineraries, relevant to the travellers profile, in seconds. Our Vision is to “Put the Power of an OTA into the hands of every Travel Advisor” eRoam has created a booking platform that allow Travel Advisors to book accommodation, transport (airlines, coach, rail and ferry) and activities using "Peer to Peer" recommendations from trending data that are available for instant booking & payment.
  3. 2 Solves major pain points for the Travel Advisor It is not easy being a Travel Advisor today Travel Advisors, whether they are working for travel agents, wholesalers, tour companies, airlines, hotels, car rentals or call centres, all face the same problems: Creating complex itineraries with multi cities or countries can take hours (if not days). Conversion of bookings can be low when a travel advisor needs to tell their client to come back in a couple of days to receive their quote. Changes to itineraries can take a travel advisor hours to process Payment to multiple suppliers can be costly and time consuming eRoam offers one platform where you can research, build and book complex itineraries in seconds. All segments are linked and dynamically updated whenever changes are made. The result: Better Customer Service and Retention = more repeat business. Improved Productivity Increased Sales and Profitability
  4. 3 A complex itinerary has never been easier to create How it works Through the use of AI, eRoam creates Virtual Travel Consultants (VTCs) that can be used in B2B and B2B2C environments. Through the use of VTCs eRoam solves the following problems: ONE platform with 500,000+ hotels, 900+ airlines, 1,000+ coach, rail & ferry companies and 100,000's of events & activities Improve User Efficiencies (Create complex, multi-city itineraries in seconds). Offer more competitive rates (Through lower overheads from better productivity, Users can be more competitive) Deliver a higher Conversion Rate (With VTCs working 24/7 and instant confirmations Users will significantly improve sales conversion rates) Book Offline Product. (Online and Offline products have linked segments that talk to each other which enables instant changes and instant bookings) Consultant Training (eRoam educates the User to offer relevant, recommended content to the Customer) Mobility (Users can access the eRoam platform 24/7 from any device.) Search, book and pay on one platform Multi-lingual (up to 40 languages) eRoam “enables the Advisor to sell what the Customer wants, rather than simply what they have”
  5. 5 A complex itinerary has never been easier to create How it works Itinerary in seconds where all segments are dynamically linked. “Point and click” to make changes - Tailor-Made Auto Itinerary creates a multi-city route, and pre-populates locations and products - An overview of the route is presented via the map. Multiple alternative routes are also displayed - A user is also able to switch to ‘Manual Itinerary’ mode, which will allow them to click locations on the map to add them to the Itinerary. These additional locations can be automatically placed into the route (best for direction), or added in at any point of the route. - Once a user adds a location, the system will prioritise the location in the best order, utilising smart technology. - The user can adjust the booking and each segment via the Itinerary Summary
  6. 6 eRoam matches travel content to the traveller’s profile based on Peer-2-Peer recommendations Everything personalised – Right Product, Right Price and Right Time eRoam uses the travellers “Personal Preferences”, ie: o Age o Gender o Nationality o Transportation type o Accommodation (1 Star, 2 star, 3 star..) o Activity Preferences In conjunction with Peer-2-Peer trending data, to accurately predict product recommendations (eg. transport, accommodation & activities). These preferences can be managed by using eRoam’s “Personal Preference” tool. Or for “Enterprise users, they can integrate CRM connectivity (eg. SalesForce or Hubspot) to manage and auto populate this profile data.
  7. 7 Our CMS system allow the Travel Advisor to be in control We know what is vital to your business You are in control Dashboard that tracks your key numbers for easy management Detailed reporting for product, sales, marketing & accounts Margins and commissions can be managed in the CMS per supplier and visible when viewing the itinerary. Choose your content from the eRoam Marketplace, and configure your own priorities Integrate CRM Management eg. Hubspot, SalesForce, etc…. All accounting transactions offer exportable files that can be uploaded to the agents mid-office / accounting system.
  8. 8 Three different offerings in two commercial models Saas Model & Enterprise Model Saas Model Enterprise Model (FREE for the Standard Package with limited customisation) o Retail – Advisor can book any products in our extensive marketplace and we pay above industry standards commissions – on this model we earn commission revenue from suppliers. o Wholesale – Licensees can load their own products and access eRoam's extensive marketplace. eRoam pays competitive commissions on products from its marketplace plus the Licensee pays a royalty (%) to eRoam on their loaded product (Average eRoam Yield 2.5%) o Enterprise - If the Licensee requires extensive customisation, a fee is charged for these services and for the pilot period. Once completed the average eRoam Yield is US$100 per user per month or 2.5% of booking values.
  9. 9 eRoam was founded based on passion for travel and the urge to disrupt traditional business models “Decades of experience in travel and technology and a deep understanding of the way that the travel industry works have helped me identify a number of opportunities that will transform the way that travel advisers work and serve their customers” Anthony Hill, Founder & CEO eRoam 1987 The journey starts the Founder completes studies of Computer Science & starts work at Singapore Airlines 1990 International Travel Consultant & Tour Leader, London Walkabout Club 1995 Sales & Marketing Director Acacia Adventure Holidays o Acacia Africa Holidays o Acacia Europe Holidays 1999 Founder and CEO of Adventure Travel Group o Launched Club Asia Resorts (later renamed to Nomads Asia Resorts) o Acquired Trek Australia & NZ 2015 Founder and CEO of eRoam Pty Ltd o Officially Registered o Opened Melbourne, Australia Office o Opened Latin America Office 2017 eRoam, external capital injection o Lodged technology patent o eRoam acquires Adventure Travel Group o Mastercard launched Debit Rewards Campaign o Fairfax Media launched B2B2C campaign o LOI’s signed domestic and global players to use eRoam o Opened European Tech Office - Paris, France o Opened New Sales Office – Sydney, Australia o Opened USA Sales Office - Las Vegas, USA 2019 and beyond we will continue to make eRoam a very accessible and affordable travel technology solution that will transform the way our partners work. o Open Sales Office in Singapore 2018 eRoam goes live with multiple global clients o Selected for Virtuoso Incubator o Signed contract with Global (UAE based) Client o LOI’s with several Travel Wholesalers o Pilot with Retail Travel Chain o Pilot with Tour Operators o Opened Sales Offices in Spain, Germany & Russia 1987 1990 1995 1999 2015 2017 2018 2019
  10. 10 The Market Define your market: what business/space are you in now and in the future? - State the total market size eRoam currently has agreements to license our technology to Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, Tour Operators, Airlines, Hotels and Call Centres. Additional markets for future expansion in 2019/20, for this sector, include Car Rental, Cruising & Insurance companies.   In the non-travel sector eRoam currently has distribution agreements with Financial institutions and Media Companies, with plans in 2019/20 to expand to Telecommunications Companies, Online retail companies and other sectors that have substantial consumer bases. The travel sector is a multi-trillion dollar Industry that accounts for 10% of the GDP and employs 1 in 10 global workers. eRoam offers tools to improve efficiencies across this industry from restaurant bookings, to hotel reservations , to concert tickets, to day tours, to airline and train bookings – eRoam delivers benefits to the entire market.
  11. 11 An outstanding leadership team with global travel & technology background ANTHONY HILL  CEO & Founder Anthony has over 30 years in the travel industry in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and brings a wealth of industry experience to eRoam. Anthony has conceived, created and developed the eRoam platform. ROSS GREGORY  Chief Operating Officer InvestorRoss brings extensive international experience to the team. His background in travel company operations is invaluable. GAVIN RUSSELL  Chief Technology Officer, InvestorGavin has over 20 years’ experience as an Executive Director and key technologist focusing on sound business principles and innovate thinking. GRAHAM PERRY   Commercial Advisor Graham is a seasoned executive leader with experience working across the global travel, tourism, media and hospitality sectors. MARTIN COWLEY  Chairman, Investor Martin has over 30 years experience in senior executive roles in aviation and travel in Australia, Asia and Europe. RICHARD BJORKMANN  Advisor Corporate Development, Investor Richard is a financial management and M&A professional with more than 10 years in the entire private equity value chain, from fund raising through to exit. BOB GILBERT  Director Sales North AmericaBob has over 30 years senior management experience with global brands in travel, tourism, hospitality and technology. IGNACIO DÍAZ-BARCELÓ    Managing Director Europe and Latin America, Investor Ignacio is a seasoned hospitality professional, with a sales experience from large financial and travel companies. Our investors include C-level executives from private equity, travel and technology companies in Australia, Asia and Europe
  12. Company Details Founding date: 08 Dec 2015 Number of employees: 10-20 FTEs Location: Melbourne, Australia Website: Patent pending AU2016902466 ABN: 51 609 719 486 Melbourne, Australia (HQ) Sydney, Australia Paris, France Frankfurt, Germany Moscow, Russia Seville, Spain Las Vegas, USA Medellín, Colombia Singapore, Singapore (2019) Global Offices Contact Details Anthony Hill CEO & Founder PO Box 184, Mentone,  Victoria, 3194. AUSTRALIA. +61 421 073 710 Skype: eRoam Global eRoam Pty Ltd 12