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Life in lock down - A Data Driven Story

We took survey from all age groups who are educated and have jobs. This is to understand how life has changed after COVID and lockdown. This is a summary of the analytics on the survey results.

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Life in lock down - A Data Driven Story

  1. 1. Life in Lockdown A Changed Reality Data Driven Study -Shivaji Dutta
  2. 2. Coronavirus ● December 2019, Coronavirus hit China in the Wuhan District ● China went under complete lock down as there thousands getting infected ● March 2020, the disease spread most of the world ○ Causing all Govt asking, citizens for complete lockdown ■ Disease Caused unprecedented Sickness and Deaths ● Borders Closed by Mid March 2020 ● Over 100,000 people died in USA as of May, 2020
  3. 3. The New Life ● Since Mid March 2020 ○ People have been forced to stay at home ○ Only essential services like grocery and medicines have been made available ○ People are generally afraid to go out ○ People have lost work and pay ○ Businesses have been disrupted and many stores have filed for Bankruptcy ○ Travel has seized ○ International Travellers are Quarantined
  4. 4. Study ● Conducted a Study Worldwide ● Sent a Survey asking for Questions ○ How they feel about the lockdown? ○ How they are coping with the new life? ○ Impacts on their family and children ○ What Positive Impact they see ○ What worry they have ○ How are they affected by this ● A copy of the Survey - https://bit.ly/2XEDzp3 ● The data set is available on Github, please email Shivaji to Gain access - shivaji@aurius.io
  5. 5. Survey Demographics
  6. 6. Participants By Continent CONTINENTS
  7. 7. Participants By Age Group
  8. 8. Study Results
  9. 9. Do you support Stay at Home/LockDown People Around the world overwhelmingly support the Stay At Home Order/LockDown.
  10. 10. Type of Restrictions People are Experiencing ● When asked type of restrictions? ○ Complete Lockdown ○ Only open essential services were allowed
  11. 11. When will life come back to Normal ● People Around the world are overly Optimistic that Life will come back to Normal in 6 months or 1 Year!! ● Experts believe it will happen after Vaccine is out, about 2 years away.
  12. 12. Do you Worry About Lock Down being removed? ● Majority people believe the infection rate would increase post lock down and are worried about it. ● Slightly smaller population is less worried.
  13. 13. Do you Order Food from Restaurants Most people are NOT Ordering Food from Restaurants. They are all cooking at home.
  14. 14. Who gets the grocery ● Home Delivery of Grocery is not being ordered much. ● Most people are going and getting their groceries and essential items.
  15. 15. Has Relationship With Your Partner Changed Most partners mentioned to have experienced NO change in their relationships Lot of partners have had Positive impact to their relationship A Minor portion of people are experiencing increased stress in relationship.
  16. 16. Top 4 Things People Are Worried about 1. Health 2. Financial Income 3. Mental Health 4. Ability to Find New Work
  17. 17. Worried About Future Income ● Overwhelmingly - They are worried about the Economic Climate
  18. 18. - Answers Distilled to Insights
  19. 19. Top Things Missed Most in Lock Down 1. People to People Interactions 2. Socializing with Friends 3. In Person Work Meetings 4. Travel, Coffee, sports
  20. 20. Wish Most in the LockDown 1. Better Homes 2. Better Work Environment 3. People without job, wanted a job
  21. 21. Positive Aspect of Lock Down 1. Family - People have come closer to families 2. Trying to connect with friends.
  22. 22. How People are Spending Time in Lock down 1. Working - People are working long hours 2. Cooking - Trying new recipes 3. Household Chores 4. Netflix :)
  23. 23. Other Interesting Facts ● Single Men and Women are strongly feeling the need to have a Partner in their Lives ● Pet Adoption is in Increase and People want to Adopt Pets as company ● Environment - People are in awe to the Positive impact Lockdown has had on the Environment.