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Deep learning an Introduction with Competitive Landscape

This gives an introduction to Neural Networks to CNN, RNN, Reinforcement Learning to what competitive tools are out there. Also a comparison of the various frameworks from Tensorflow, Caffe, Chainer and Pytorch. We also capture the work done by various other companies in the enterprise tools space, web service offerings from Google, Sales Force and Amazon. End we mention the various Heroes of the Deep Learning space.

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Deep learning an Introduction with Competitive Landscape

  1. 1. aurius.io
  2. 2. ???
  3. 3. Sigmoid RELU tanh Leaky RELU
  4. 4. http://neuralnetworksanddeeplearning.com/chap1.html)
  5. 5. “2-layer Neural Net”, or “1-hidden-layer Neural Net” “3-layer Neural Net”, or “2-hidden-layer Neural Net” “Fully-connected” layers
  6. 6. GoogleNet AlexNet ResNet
  7. 7. Neural Networks? So What’s New?
  8. 8. Deep Learning Disruption
  9. 9. 22K categories and 14Mimages www.image-net.org Deng, Dong, Socher, Li, Li, & Fei-Fei, 2009 22Fei-Fei Li & Justin Johnson & Serena Yeung • Animals • Bird • Fish • Mammal • Invertebrate • Plants •Tree • Flower Food Materials Structures Artifact • Tools • Appliances • Structures • • • Person Scenes • Indoor • Geological Formations SportActivities
  10. 10. Types of Deep Learning Networks
  11. 11. Convolution Neural Network Architecture
  12. 12. pixels edges object parts (combination of edges) object models
  13. 13. • Need Context • Images do not carry context • Languages – Complex • ”I like spicy food, but it makes me uncomfortable”?
  14. 14. Frameworks
  15. 15. Framework Name Adoption Organization Tensorflow High Google Caffe/Caffe2 Medium-High Facebook, UC Berkeley (Good support for Image analysis)- Caffe2 released in 2017 Mxnet Low Amazon. Released in 2017 CNTK Medium (High in Microsoft Users) Microsoft. Good example with Image Identification (COCO dataset) Theano Medium University of Montreal. One of the oldests frameworks.
  16. 16. Framework Adoption Organization Keras High Google. Extremely popular. Torch/PyTorch Medium - High Open Source.Twitter uses it. Very popular in Non Python user base DeepLearning4J Medium DeepLearning4J. Small company in SF, started in 2014. Good Java and Hadoop support. Loosing grounds to Tensorflow. Chainer Low-Medium Preferred Networks. A japanese company. Applications in IOT and Robotics
  17. 17. Framework Adoption Organization Neon Low-Medium Intel. Nervana acquired in 2016. Fastest DL Framework BigDL Low Intel. Support for running DeepLearning on Spark. Python Numpy like API. Built in support for Intel MKL libraries. Cloudera Supports CUDA High Nvidia. All frameworks use it and Self Driving Car industry TensorRT Low Nvidia. Optimizes the Deep Learning layers, increasing inference performance.
  18. 18. Language Adoption Python Very High. Most Common.Works well with numpy, openCV, scikit- learn. Lua (Torch) Medium. Used atTwitter and some universities. C++ Medium. Common with Hardware vendors and Low lever runtime implementations Java Very low. Only among Deeplearning4j users
  19. 19. Slide 2
  20. 20. OS Adoption Ubuntu (16 or 14) Very Prevalent as a default OS to be supported Notebooks Jupyter Almost All examples on Jupyter Notebook
  21. 21. Hardware
  22. 22. Deep Learning Ecosystem
  23. 23. Google > 50% Mindshare of the AI Market
  24. 24. Company Product Remarks Microsoft CNTK https://studio.azureml.net/ - A very comprehensive support for Machine Learning Libraries. - A well designed Interface Azure Cloud is growing very fast. They have actively taken up market share from Amazon IBM Watson Power8 PC with NVLink Historic Dominance with Deep Blue (Chess) and Jeopardy IBM BlueMix IBM uses Watson to Market itself.
  25. 25. Company Product Remarks Alphabet Google ML Engine Rest API Based Vision API Video Intelligence API Natural language Translation API Deep Mind - Solving Artificial General Intelligence - Impact on Healthcare and Data Center Power Consumption Tensor Processing Unit - Competing with Nvida - Will be offered as a Cloud Service Company with largest Mindshare in Artificial Intelligence. I think Google will be the biggest competitor in the Cloud Business going forward. https://cloud.google.com/products/ Amazon - Apache Mxnet Similar Rest based API as Google Market Leader in Cloud
  26. 26. Company Product H20.ai Sparkling Water and DeepWater SigOpt Improve ML Models DataRobot Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models Clarifai.ai Image andVideoTagging Crowdflower.ai Dataset preparation for Uber and many companies
  27. 27. Clarifai.ai
  28. 28. Sample Machine Learning – Life Cycle Get/Prepare Data Build/Edit Experiment Create/Update Model Evaluate Model Results Build ML Model Deploy asWeb Service Provision Environment Create Cluster Publish an App Integrate with App/Analytics Publish the model Deploy Model as a Web Service Examine the Predictions / Use more production data to fine tune Model
  29. 29. Challenges
  30. 30. Who’s Who of Deep Learning