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Telling a story speak

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Telling a story speak

  1. 1. I am going to tell you a story… Situations could be lots: •Anecdotes •Talking about your past to a friend•Giving details about something that happened at school/ the last weekend/a job interview •Telling about what happened on a holiday/ business trip USE : the past.Link ideas together:>sequence them:> order in which events happened. HOW?
  2. 2. Most common ways to sequence in writing or speaking: Beginning:• Firstly,… First of all,… To start off with, … Initially,…• Firstly, we were having coffee in…• First of all, I opened the cupboard…• To start off with, we decided our destination would be Rome.• Initially, I thought it was a bad idea, but then ...
  3. 3. Continuing:Then, … After that, … Next, … As soon as / When + full clause, ... but then Immediately, …• Then, I started to get worried.• After that, we knew that there would be no problem!• Next, we decided what to do.• As soon as we arrived, we unpacked our bags.
  4. 4. Interruptions / New Elements to the Story:• Suddenly, …Unexpectedly, …• Suddenly, a child burst into the room with a note for Ms. Smith.• Unexpectedly, the people in the room didnt agree with the mayor.
  5. 5. In informal conversations the listener(s) usually interrupt the main speaker• Really?• I can’t believe it!• You must be joking!• Oh my God!• And then what happened?• And then what did you do?• What did you do next?• And weren’t you excited/ afraid/ nervous/ tired?• Didn’t you feel embarrassed/ scared/stupid…?• © Dulce Rosales.
  6. 6. Expressing Lack of Understanding•I dont get it.•(Im sorry.) I dont understand.•What do you mean?•Im not following you.•I dont quite follow you.•Im not sure I get what you mean.•What was that again? © Dulce Rosales.
  7. 7. Getting back to the topic• Anyway,…• Now, where was I?/ What was I saying?• Where were we?• What were you saying?• You were saying . . .• To get back to . . .• (Do you) know what I mean? © Dulce Rosales.
  8. 8. Ending:• Finally,… In the end,… Eventually, … Lastly, …• Finally, I flew to London for my meeting with Jack.• In the end, he decided to postpone the project.• Eventually, we found the road and...• Lastly, we felt we had had enough and went home. • © Dulce Rosales. 2012-2013