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Agvices_IT for agriculture Win8 App

Agivice is about an App for windows 8 mobiles and Win8 Appstore. It"s created for ICTA Spiralation 2013 Hackathone

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Agvices_IT for agriculture Win8 App

  1. 1. introducing Agvices Help Grow Agriculture
  2. 2. Why Agvices ? • Sri Lankan Net National Production The Agriculture do 12% part. (CBS Report 2011) • People are planting everyday with new Technologies with high earnings. • They Need information about various kind of crops grows in Sri Lanka.
  3. 3. AGVICES DO.. • Connect the Users on Three ways  Windows 8 App  Windows Mobile App  Web Service • It gives details to the famer fields on is request about (Weather, Soil Condition, Establishment )
  4. 4. Plantation is never ends. It needs every day every time. This Application shows the details to relevant parties. Farmers, Field Officers will be our target. Our Marketplace
  6. 6. Click generation most familiar with web applications. Easy to upload and retrieve data. Can search latest information.
  7. 7. Mobile App Per month 3000 Per year 30000Per day 100 Assume 1000 year Assume 3000 year