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Dr. Dubravka Savic, the most important certificates

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Particular, not usual biography, is description of my development in science and business.

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Dr. Dubravka Savic, the most important certificates

  1. 1. To whom it may concern # unusual biography - some of certificates - Dr. Dubravka Savic Associate Professor University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture 07.December, 2015 Belgrade, Serbia
  2. 2. MY STORY • My first interests in plant physiology began when I was a little girl, living in a house surrounded by various plants, near Belgrade (Serbia). With a lot of enthusiasm and sincere interest, I observed all seasonal changes, which happened to the plants in my garden. I wondered which processes occurred in my plants. • Later, in high school, I learnt that plant physiology is the science, which examines those processes. I attended an excellent grammar school in Belgrade and had wonderful professors and, especially regarding the subjects of Plant Physiology and Cytology and Cytogenetic. • Those were the roots of my great love for plant physiology, and its implementation in practice of plant growing.
  3. 3. Yes, love & passion are important in studying & work • That was the reason I decided to do the final exam in the field of plant physiology, at high school and to continue my education at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. During my studies, I enjoyed to learn chemistry, botanic, biochemistry, plant physiology, ecology, genetics and vegetable production. Those were my favourite subjects, which I explored with a lot of love and passion. • As I learnt and prepared the exams with great dedication, I became the best student of my generation during graduate and postgraduate studies. In my inner world, I felt honoured and happy because my work was recognized. It was an additional motive to be more enthusiastic, to broaden my horizons and to improve my knowledge. My graduation thesis concerned plant physiology (ABA, stomata, drought resistance, maize).
  4. 4. Later… • After I graduated, I volunteered at the Plant Physiology Department at the faculty and after two years, I was employed at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, and became an assistant lecturer at the subject Vegetable Production, where I have started to connect plant physiology and vegetable growing, in theory and practice. It still lasts. My MSc and PhD theses were in plant physiology science applied in vegetable production. • The MSc was about activity of enzyme peroxidase in pepper crop infected by TMV. PhD was about photosynthesis, plant growth, light interception, mineral nutrition, modelling and plant productivity on leeks.
  5. 5. Great mentors, great colleagues • During my PhD research, I got enormous, unconditional and extremely valuable help from Dr. Ir. Remmie Booij (PRI, the Netherlands) and Dr. Duncan J. Greenwood (Warwick University, UK). • I will always remember my great mentors. • Since I have started to work at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, my research and practical work have been closely related to various scientific institutions and companies primarily from the Netherlands, as well as from Greece, Germany and Denmark. My professional development has gradually grown thanks to much professional training especially in the Netherlands and Greece.
  6. 6. Something more • At the same time, I participated in organizing and establishing trade missions to the Netherlands (through the Dutch government), for the vegetable and soft fruit sectors, and I organized a study tour to the Netherlands for students from Belgrade (through donations in Serbian private sector). In addition, I have done market research in vegetable sector of Serbia (in cooperation with DKG Manage, Greece) and in the soft fruit sector (in cooperation with the Dutch government through the Dutch Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia).
  7. 7. In the Now • Nowadays, still, I highly enjoy my work with students and scientific research / practical work in the fields of plant physiology and vegetable crop science. My main scientific work still concerns photosynthesis, light interception, mineral nutrition, plant productivity, plant growth, modelling, which is broadened, climate control in greenhouses, food safety (linked with GLOBALG.A.P. : www.globalgap.org/uk_en/Profiles/Savic/). • The most important aim at my scientific and practical work is to participate in protecting the environment against pollution from primary plant production, to get safe products for humans, and then to achieve good yield and profit.
  8. 8. My main scientific research work is based on relation among: PLANT (vegetables) – LIGHT – GROWTH – NUTRITION – CLIMATE CONTROL IN GREENHOUSES – PRODUCTIVITY – MODELING.
  9. 9. Always • There is always a space for permanent professional development (theoretical and practical) and to share it with similar colleagues and all people who are involved in plant production, and who are eager to grow professionally all the time. • It is not easy; there are many different challenges, but love for work is a great motive power to find out solutions and obtain results. • Life is a beautiful thing, Tony Bennett said in his song. I would add, Plant Life is a beautiful secret and enigma, and it is pleasure to explore it.
  10. 10. My first specialization in the Netherlands, and the beginning of cooperation with Dutch colleagues
  11. 11. Excellent trainings by DKG Group, Greece
  12. 12. The first trainings: EUREPG.A.P. GLOBALG.A.P. by DKG Group, Greece
  13. 13. The first GLOBALG.A.P. certificate in vegetable production, in Serbia
  14. 14. CBI and GLOBALG.A.P. trainings Serbia Poland
  15. 15. Train-the-public-trainer
  16. 16. IFS Food, Version 6 – translation in Serbian
  17. 17. Communication skills
  18. 18. Training in Hoogendoorn Growth Management, the Netherlands
  19. 19. General Manager at Prime AgroConsult (daughter company of DLV Plant)
  20. 20. Study tour for students to the Netherlands
  21. 21. Trade mission to the Netherlands (vegetable sector)
  22. 22. Trade mission to the Netherlands (soft fruit sector)
  23. 23. Project in Oman
  24. 24. MedCrave Group Advances in Plants & Agriculture Research
  25. 25. Future - I believe in good things and work on it There are more trainings and certificates from the previous period, and I believe that it will be even more in the future, as well as scientific international projects. I am very grateful to all who support me and, who believe in me, especially to my family.
  26. 26. What is your story, your unusual biography?