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Test plan for ICT

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Test plan for ICT

  1. 1. Test plan Test Name Expected Outcome Actual Outcome Comments, Improvements Needed How big should the poster be? A3 format or bigger How Many Colors Should it Contain? At least of 4 different ones How should the X-Factor Logo Be Designed? It should be designed in Publisher or Photo-shop, depending on preference What Materials Should it use? It should use paper or cardboard, but maybe also plastic or even aluminium In average, how many words should it have in maximum? 100 words maximum, by preference around 50 Is the Information correct? It should be Will there be images? Yes, only a few Should it be formal or more “Familiar”? In my opinion, it should be more familiar Will it have a Computer Look,
  2. 2. sketchy or computer look? with a funky design Which software should I choose from? I will probably choose from Publisher or PowerPoint Did I check the information with the end user? Not Yet Is it easy to understand? The poster will be easy to understand, although we haven’t started it yet Should I use lighter or heavier materials? Lighter materials, they can be just on strong, but easier to carry