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Presentation about the Nicaraguan Revolution and the Iran Contra Affair.

  • I'm so pumped for the test tomorrow!!

    'It's been real'
    -David Scheanman 2009

    Also: anyone want to talk about how we're all smarter than spencer?
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  • what is so funny about the god damn manifest destiny!? god wanted it scheanman!!!
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  • Greetings. For some reason, it won't let me create a slidecast. I suspect it's because I added a youtube video. If you want to hear the audio, enter in this web site in another window or tab: http://schaenman.mypodcast.com/ Then you can hear the audio as you look at the pix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  1. 1. The Nicaraguan Revolution www.slideshare.net/dschaenman
  2. 2. Foreshadowing “We are in the eyes of the world, and because of the Monroe Doctrine, held responsible for the order of Central America, and its proximity to the canal make the preservation of peace in that neighborhood particularly necessary.” Secretary of State Knox (1911)
  3. 3. Timeline Connections • • • tell me about...William Walker & The Panama Canal U.S. gov. negotiated the right to build a canal (1916) Nicaragua tried to strike a deal with Germany or Japan to build a canal...guess how the USA responds?
  4. 4. Background • historical social conditions • exports: coffee, sugar, cotton and timber • U.S. intervention in the civil war (1912-33) • Anastasio Somoza vs Augusto Sandino
  5. 5. Somoza and Sons (1936-1979) ...43 years of dictatorship... • strong supporters of anti-Communism and U.S. business investments • Sandinistas formed • massive corruption • anti-Arbenz • assassination in 1956 • Bay of Pigs (1961) • Luis (1967) Luis Anastasio
  6. 6. Beginning of the End • • • • • • Dec 1972 earthquake 6.2 Richter Scale 10,000 killed $1 billion in damages 80% of capital destroyed! Somoza stole aid from the world
  7. 7. The Revolution Begins! • increase in public protests • restrictions on the press and death of Pedro Chamorro • brutality of National Guard • rocket attacks, teenagers and mutilations • Bill Stewart, ABC News • middle/upper class flight
  8. 8. Preview of U.S. Responses Somoza may be a son-of-a-bitch, but at least he’s our son-of-a-bitch --FDR (alleged) • President Carter: concern for human rights? • President Reagan: good old-fashioned Cold warrior
  9. 9. Sandinistas and Carter • dilemma for Carter • resignation of Somoza and formation of a coalition gov. • desire for moderation from the U.S. • relationship quickly sours • start true land reform • econ aid from the Soviets • aid to rebels in El Salvador
  10. 10. *The Pivotal Years of 1979 & 1980* • Iranian Hostage Crisis Nov 1979 • USSR invaded Afghanistan Dec 1979 • Iran vs Iraq War Sept 1980 • impact on Carter’s USFP and the 1980 election
  11. 11. Reagan and the Contras • Reagan crushed Carter in 1980 • fear of “another Cuba” • formation of the Contras • 1984 election of Daniel Ortega • impact of Vietnam • Contra attacks on infrastructure • Dewey Clarridge (CIA) • attacks on civilians
  12. 12. Iran Contra Connection • Boland Amendment • Hostage Crisis, Part II: Lebanon 1985 • U.S.-->Israel-->Iran-->Lebanon • profit from missile sales-->Nicaragua
  13. 13. Iran Contra Scandal • • • How did people find out? • • • Eugene Hasenfus Lebanese newspaper Congressional investigation What did Reagan know? Documents and e-mails “I don’t believe I ever did anything that was criminal.” (North)
  14. 14. Significance of the Iran-Contra Affair • Once again, can we trust our government? • What happens when our leaders lie? • What policies are we prepared to support to achieve our goals? • Who’s watching the government? • How does this impact democracy?