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My Astronomy Lesson

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My Astronomy Lesson

  1. 1. Astrology Terms ● Ecliptic longitude ● Ascendant ● Right Ascension ● 10th House ● Aries First Point ● Mesha Rasi First Point ● Ayanamsha
  2. 2. ● Ecliptic is the path of Sun. ● Meridian is a great circle on the vertical plane about NS line at your place. It has Zenith, the vertical point, the North(South)pole , N and S apart from 10th house. ● Ascendant ,10th house. 7th house are points where ecliptic meets Eastern Horizon, Meridian and Western Horizon respectively. ● Equator is inclined to Horizontal Plane by an angle of Latitude of the place. ●
  3. 3. ● All points on Equator rise at E, touch the meridian at Eq and set at W. ● Points on Ecliptic Ecl touch the Meridian at different points. The distance of Ecl from Eq along Meridian varies between +23.45o to -23.45o. ● Angle between Ecliptic point and Equator point Eq is zero at Aries and Libra 1st points. ● Angle is +23.45o and -23.45o when Cancer and Capricorn 1st points touch Meridian.
  4. 4. N S E W Meridian Zenith Z Equatorial plane Horizontal Plane Eq 10th house Ecl Ascendant (1st house) 7th house Ecliptic Sun Meridian is on vertical plane about NS; Zenith is vertical point above the place; Meridian cuts equator at point Eq; Latitude is the angle between EW vertical plane and Equator (angle ZOEq); Ecliptic is inclined to Equator by an angle =obliquity (angle EqOEcl)of 23.45o . Ecliptic touches meridian at 10th house,and horizontal plane in east at ascendant(1st house) and 7th house in west. Sun moves in ecliptic plane. Ecliptic and Equator meet at Aries and Libra first points. o
  5. 5. Ecliptic plane Celestial Capricorn Celestial Equator Celestial Cancer Ecliptic axisEarth's axis North pole South pole Relations Among Celestial Equator, Ecliptic ,Earth's Spin Axis and Poles Aries 1st point Cancer 1st point Capricorn 1st point (Libra 1st point is below Aries 1st point)
  6. 6. Aries 1st Point- X axis Z' axis of EclipticNorth Pole Z axisNorth Pole Z axis Equator Ecliptic Plane Sun on Ecliptic Ecliptic Longitude Perihelion Aries to Perihelion angle is about 282 degrees on 1/1/2000 Mesham 1st Point Ayanamsha Angle Obliquity Nirayana Longitude South Pole
  7. 7. Horizontal plane not shown for clarity. Equator and Ecliptic Sun below equator X Axis Aries 1st Point Y axis Z Axis North Pole Z' Axis Ecliptic North Pole North East Equator Ecliptic Obliquity Perihelion Ecliptic Longitude
  8. 8. Z Zenith Nadir North Pole North Latitude Eq Noon Sun Ecliptic Equator East Ascendant Horizontal Plane Declination Equator point Eq south of place for North hemisphere places
  9. 9. North East South West Azimuth Altitude Zenith Azimuth and Altitude Horizontal Plane Meridian
  10. 10. Ascendant 10th house Zenith Ecliptic Meridian NorthSouth Meridian 10th house And Ascendant
  11. 11. East Meridian North Horizontal plane Zenith Equator Ecliptic Eq 10th house Ascendant Sun Equator touches at East and West of the place
  12. 12. East Meridian North Horizontal plane Zenith Equator Ecliptic Eq 10th house Ascendant Sun Aries A Star A to Aries via Equator is star A's Right Ascension
  13. 13. Ecliptic plane Tropic of capricorn Equator Tropic of cancer Ecliptic axisEarth's axis North pole South pole Equator, ecliptic ,earth's spin axis, Aries 1st point