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Allergy infographic - Dr Summit Shah

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Allergies are nothing to sneeze at.
The science of sneezing.
The speed of a sneeze.
Allergy Facts.
Cost of Allergies.

By Dr Summit Shah, Premier Allergy Ohio.

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Allergy infographic - Dr Summit Shah

  1. 1. Allergies Are Nothing to Q3 Sneeze At! Chances are you or someone you know suffers from allergies. One in five Americans have either allergy or asthma symptoms. Below is a rundown of important allergy statistics. The Science of Sneezing Sneezing is the sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of one's nos- trils. Sneezing is an important part of the immune process. Things that can make you sneeze: Ififl Allergens such Bright Sunlight Plucking Your Exercise as Pollen or Dust Eyebrows A sneeze travels at “)0 miles per hOUf and expels l00l( germs into the air. ‘Q ‘ I Sneezes can project up to 5 feet from the source. 9 The longest sneezing spree a record set by Donna Griffiths of Worcestershire, England. Allergy Facts A llergers can be ‘C-urid r’: ?‘v'€: ‘iy"-. *y"i€: ’lEI irdoar and outdoors. [. ~e"y‘t‘ii‘g "oiri rjancter to pollen can set of‘ you’ allergies. .A. ric_f -: _tir_t ‘g. /OJ kriow: gereti-cs play r_i rtuge part rt whether you suf‘er from allergies. Allergens That are Prevalent During Different Times of the Year: l l Early Spring Late Spring Late Summer Tree pollen Early Summer Fall Grass pollen Weed pollen 50 million Americans suffer from allergies (i in 5 Americans) 00 i; ~=eee There is a i in 3 chance that a child will have allergies if one parent has an allergy ' ' _ eeeee ‘V ‘ eeeee That increases to a 7 out of i0 chance if both parents have allergies A - 90% Of Our lives l/3 of our time spent in are spent indoors our bedrooms, yet our bedrooms contain the most allergen ‘H 36% of homes have cats 39% of homes have dogs 11 100% of homes contain pet dander. Cost of Allergies Allergies can be costly. Whether you're missing time from work or school or dishing out money on meal- cations, the dollars add up. 0 O $14.5 Billion estimated annual cost of allergies Q51 .3 Billion - Doctor Visits T T 30,000 ER visits per year due to food allergies $4 Billion - Over-The_—Counter Medications fl 3500 Food Allergies ll Million Cost Per Year I $2.2 Billion - Missed Work or School Days Nearly 4 million days of missed work each year due to allergies. $7 Billion - Perscription Medications 55% of people test positive to one or more allergens Allergies limit activity for more than 40% of children 0 Treatment Options There are three common ways to trea‘ al| ei'gi. r;s: avoidance. medrcalon. or treatment trnigiugtt mots. the most effective way to stay symptom-frc-C for life is rush l"i“'“l“: LJt‘Oil“»el’OD‘y which irwc~lves eignt shots the first day ana weekly shots for tt“. i‘(: r:_- montns. Avoidance y Can be useful with mild allergies or food allergies. Not a long term strategy and not a ’ cure, but can reduce the impact. Over the Counter Medicine Short term relief. Not intended for extended periods lasting more than 28 days. Prescriptions Allergy relief while prescribed. Not a long term solution. Allergy Shots Weekly shots for 50 weeks a year. 50 Shots - Reduced symptoms. Rush Immunotherapy 8 shots in one day. Weekly shots for 3 months. 20 Shots — symptom free for life. Information Presented by G5 Premier Allergy Contact for Questions or More Information