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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  1. 1. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Steven Wengrover
  2. 2. Albert Einstein College of MedicineWith more than 8,000 distinguished alumni that include some of the mosthighly regarded professionals in the field of medical education, biomedicalscience, and clinical medicine, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine atYeshiva University is considered one of the foremost medical institutions in theUnited States. First opened in 1955 with the approval of Albert Einstein himself,the Albert Einstein College of Medicine school remains exemplified in itscommitment to include students of all creeds,colors, and nationalities.
  3. 3. Albert Einstein College of MedicineThe first private medical school in the United States to create a Department ofGenetics, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine was also one of the firstmedical colleges to include bioethics in its program. The college pioneered thepractice of pairing classroom studies with direct patient contact. In providingfirst-year students with the chance to incorporate daily class information withthe examination of patients and discussion of individual cases, the AlbertEinstein College of Medicine allows students to garner more real-timeexperience.
  4. 4. Albert Einstein College of MedicineAffiliated with such hospitals as Beth Israel Medical Center, the Bronx-LebanonHospital Center, and the Academic Medical Center and University Hospital ofthe Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the school provides care to thousandsof people and offers a vast series of post-graduate programs to medicalstudents.