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Dr Rodney Aziz- Yoga Therapy For You

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Dr Rodney Aziz- Yoga Therapy For You

  1. 1. Dr Rodney Aziz- Yoga Therapy For YouYoga therapy may be defined as the spiritual, physical and mental disciplines which tookplace in ancient India. Yoga refers to the union of mind, body, breath and spirit. Yogarefers to Asana through various postures also. Most of the people think that yoga is onlystretching but in real sense yoga is about maintaining balance in your body by enhancingstrength and flexibility. The Yoga therapy is done by various poses and postures whereeach posture and pose has its own benefits for your body. Yoga may also be defined asthe process of empowering human beings to improve their physical and mental health, tocreate balance between their inner and outer feelings and to provide them mental strengthand peace. Dr Rodney Aziz is here to throw light on Yoga Therapy which is completelybeneficial for human beings in many common and critical diseases.According to the Yoga therapy, most of the diseases take places due to insufficiency ofthe life force in your body. This insufficiency of life force decreases your immunity andresistance power to diseases. If you have low resistance and immunity power, your bodywill be weak and you will have a poor health at all. In this condition, bacteria, viruses caneasily attack on your body and can create troubles for your body. Dr Rodney Azizsuggests that if you want to increase your immunity power and life force, the best waysare to take nutritious food, sufficient sleep, positive thinking and practicing Yoga.Dr Rod Aziz says that as per the philosophy of Yoga, the age of a person is based on theflexibility of spine and not on the number of the years. Yoga gives flexibility to yourspine, removing tension from your body, gives strength to your muscles, corrects poorpostures of your body and reduces the aging process.Yoga is extremely beneficial for improving mental health if it is done under properguidance. Yoga reduces stress level and tension. It reduces various types of fears andphobias. It is very helpful to remove many types of mental disorders and makes youpowerful from inside. Yoga gives you a sound sleep. It enhances you will power and selfconfidence. If you practices Yoga regularly, you will be able to get rid of unwantedthoughts and emotions by making a control over your desires. If we talk about physicalhealth, there are many yoga techniques that can give you relief in many common andcritical diseases like arthritis, sinusitis, breathing problems, etc.Dr Rodney Aziz is sure to say that if you do Yoga under a professional Yoga trainer, itwill be very useful for you in many ways.
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