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DINCHARYA Importance of proper dincharya in preventing diseases

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Anatomy and dinacharya
Anatomy and dinacharya
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DINCHARYA Importance of proper dincharya in preventing diseases

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Pratidinam kartavyam charya dincharya! (INDU on A.S.Su.3/1) Charya = Acharan/kriya/Activity 1.What ever the activities are done by men from waking up in the morning till sunset, is called as Dincharya. 2. Activities done from sunset till sleeping, is called as Ratricharya. 3.But in practice Dincharya & Ratricharya both are combinely considered as Dicharya.
  4. 4. RELETION OF DINCHARYA & DISEASE Root cause of diseases are mentioned in our Samhitas as- kaal arth karmanam yogo heen mithya atimatrakah (A.H.Su. 1/19) Means- diseases are caused by less, improper or excessive involvement of- KAAL- time/session- summer, winter & rainy. ARTH- subjects of sense organs- Shabd, Shparsh etc. KARM-activities of- Kayik (physical) - Vachik (verbal) - Mansik (mental) If the daily activities are done properly then it will be helpful in prevention of disease
  5. 5. IMPORTANCE OF DINCHARYA The role of Dincharya was felt so important by our ancient Acharyas that in all the Brihatrayies they had dedicated a separate chapter for it. Acharya Sushrut explained Dincharya in the chapter named- ANAGATABADHAPRATISHEDH= Anaagat+Badha+Pratishedh Means- to prevent the possible illness – it mean, Acharya Sushrut has given stress on Dincharya to abort the possible illness, and so by Achrya Charak & Vagbhat.
  6. 6. REFERENCES 1.Charak Samhita Sutrasthan-5th chapter-MATRASHITEEYA 2.Sushrut Samhita Chikitsasthan-24th chapter- ANAGATBADHAPRATISHEDH 3.Ashtang Sangraha Sutrasthan-3rd chapter-DINCHARYA 4.Ashtang Hriday Sutrasthan-2nd chapter-DINCHARYA 5.Experience & observation of some Ayurvedic practitioners.
  7. 7. ACTIVITIES UNDER DINCHARYA 1.Brahmmuhurte jagaran 2.Malotsarg vidhi 3.Dant dhavan, Jihva nirlekhan evam Aachman 4.Anjan 5.Nasya 6.Kavala evam Gandhush 7.Dhumrapan 8.Abhyang 9.Vyayam 10.Udwartan 11.Snan 12.Bhojan vidhi 13.Madhyahn charya 14.Ratricharya
  8. 8. 1.BRAHMMUHURTE JAGRAN 1.Brahammuhurt – 14th Muhurt of night. 2.utthishte jirnajirne nirupayan – ratri ka bhojan jirn hua he ya nahi iska vichar krke hi uthna chahiye. 1.Calm & quite environment helps in proper prayer study. 2.Feeling of happiness & freshness. 3.In Brahmmuhurt Vat remains elevated & it helps in proper defecation.
  9. 9. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Most of the people use to wake up late in the morning, means, Diwaswapn daily. Kaph Prakop & Aam. Results in- -Ajeerna (indigestion) -Sthoulya (obesity) -Other Santarpan janya Vyadhi(Diseases due to over nourishment)
  10. 10. - Malabaddhta (Constipation) - Infertility-male-Anejaculation -Reduced quality of sperm -Reduced motility -Oligospermia, azospermia etc. -female- PCOS - PID - Endometriosis - Tubal blockage etc. - Garbha vikriti- Miscarriage - Abortion - Congenital disorders - Hridrog (Heart diseaes) - Briddhi rog (Hernia, Prolapse) - Arsh (Piles)etc. 2.Day sleep causes Avrodh Janya Vat Vriddhi
  11. 11. PROBLEM & SOLUTION REGARDING BRAHMMUHURT JAGRAN IN TODAY’S LIFE.. 1.People use to take food late in night & go to bed late, so they wake up late in morning. 2.People should be adviced to take light meal early in night & to sleep early.
  12. 12. 2.MALOTSARG VIDHI 2 significant things- 1. Vacham niyamyam - by keeping silence/with concentration 2. -evacuation should be done when urge if felt, -urge should not be suppressed -evacuation should not be done forcefully - Otherwise it will cause- -Shirah shool (Head ache) -Apanvayu urdhv gati -Kartanvat peeda (Cutting type of pain) Otherwise it will cause- -Arsh (Piles) -Rectal prolapse -Anal fissure It helps in complete evacuation of stool & urine
  13. 13. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1. People use to read news paper while evacuating due to lack of time- results in- incomplete evacuation. 2. People are habitual to get up late in the morning, to give more time to sleep many time they suppress evacuation urges, some time due to busy schedule or unavailability of lavatories at the time people have to suppress urges. 3. Unnatural squatting causes incomplete evacuation.
  14. 14. 3.Dant dhavan, Jivha nirlekhan evam Aachman 1.Brush told for Dantdhawan should be of Katu, Tikta, Kashay Ras, and Acharya Sushrut mentioned Madhur Ras additionaly. 2.After brushing, powder of Kushta,Trikatu, Triphala & Trijatak mixed with honey should be applied to tooth n gum. Mouth diseases are caused by mainly Kaph Dosh, so Katu,Tikta & Kashay Ras are helpful to prevent most of the oral diseases. In Vataj or Pittaj oral diseases Madhur Ras is used (as mentioned by Acharya Sushrut).
  15. 15. 3.After brushing tongue cleaning should be done. 4.After washing the mouth, face & eyes should be washed with fresh water or with decoction of Amlaki or decoction of bark of Kshiri Vraksh. Prevents – -Mukh dourgandh (Hlitosis) -Vairasya(faulty taste) -Aruchi (tastelessness) Prevents- -Neelika( blackish discoloaration ) -Vyang(dark circles) -Rakta pitta janya vyadhi Helps improving the power of vision (Cakshushya)
  16. 16. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Most of tooth paste used today are Madhur Ras Yukta. 2.Nobody practices gargling or face & eye wash using decoction of bark of Kshiri Vriksh and all. According to WHO-Fact sheet NO. 318-April 2012- “ Worldwide, 60-90% of school children & nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities. ” & “ 15-20% of middle-aged people have severe periodontal disease. ” May be the cause of- -Frequent oral diseases -Acne, dark circles on face
  17. 17. 4. ANJAN 1.Souvir Anjan has been adviced, to use daily. 2.Rasanjan is told to use every 5th or 8th day, at night. It helps in maintaining the health eye & vision. It prevents & cures- -Daah(Burning) -Kandu(Itching) -Mal(Eye debris) -Klinnta(Watery eye) -Vedna(Pain)..etc… To evacuate excessive Kaph Dosh (as eye being a Tej dominant organ, should be protectected from excessive Kaph or Kled.)
  18. 18. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Anjan is practiced very rarely these days.
  19. 19. 5.NASYA 1.Pratimarsh Nasya has been adviced to use daily, usually Anu Tail is used for this purpose. It pacifies the Vat Dosh & give unctuousness to head & neck region, so it prevents mainly the degenerative disorders of brain & sense organs. It prevents- -Khalitya(hair fall) -Palitya(graying of hair) -Manyastambh(stiffness of neck) -Hanustambh(stiffness of mendible) -Shirah Shool(head ache) -Ardit(facial paralysis) -Peenas(chronic rhinitis) and other Vataj disorders.
  20. 20. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Nasya is practiced very rarely today.
  21. 21. 6.KAVAL & GANDUSH 1.Sneh Gandush. 2.Kaval of bark of Khadir, Arimed & Kshiri Vraksh. 3.Gandush with lukewarm water. Prevents Vataj disorders of mouth- -cracking of lips, dryness of mouth -Swarbhed(loss of voice),etc… Gives feeling of lightness in mouth Prevents mainly Kaphaj disorders- -Aruchi(Tastelessness) -Mukhvairasya(Faulty taste) -Dourgandh(Halitosis) -Lalasrav(Excessive salivation),etc…
  22. 22. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.People rarely practices Kaval or Gandush according to classics. 2.Gargeling is practiced today, that too mainly with fresh water, but rarely with warm water.
  23. 23. 7.DHOMRAPAN 1.Prayogic Dhomrapan is adviced to use daily. 2.Smoke should be taken from nose & expelled from mouth. It prevents disorders of head & neck region which are caused by Vat & Kaph- -Shirogourav(heaviness of head) -Shirahshool(head ache) -Kaas,Shwash,Hikka(cough, dyspnoea) -Karna Srav(ear discharge) -Nasa Srav(nasal discharge) -Netra Srav(eye discharge) -Tandra(drowsiness) etc… To prevent harm to eyes.
  24. 24. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Nobody practices Prayogic Dhomrapan. 2.Smoking is practiced by many, but that too taken from mouth & exhaled from nose. 3.What is practiced, is Tobacco- Katu Ras Pradhan-Vat & Pitt Prakop. Excessive smoking causes- -COPD -Bronchitis -Visual disturbances -Erectile dysfunction -Azo/Oligospermia And many more…
  25. 25. 8.ABHYANG 1.Ushna Abhyang in Sheet Riitu & Sheet Abhyang in Ushna Ritu. 2.Shiro Abhyang 3.Padabhyang -Strengthens the body -Repairs the regenerates tissue -Very good in pacifying Vat -Relieves tiredness and many more… -Beneficial for hair -Nourishes sense organs -Improves sleep -Strengthens legs & feet -Relieves from senselessness, stiffness, cracks, contraction etc. -Improves vision -Improves sleep
  26. 26. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Rarely people takes Sarvang Abhyang routinely. This may be the cause of- -One or other kind of body aches -Physical or mental stress -Premature aging & degeneration -Disturbed sleep -lusterless skin, dark circles etc…
  27. 27. 9.VYAYAM 1.Any kind of activity which bring up tiredness in the body is Vyayam. 2.Time duration for Vyayam is mentioned for those who are strong & takes Snigdh Ahar as- -“Ardh Shakti Matra” in Sheet & Vasant Ritu. -“Alpa Vyayam” in Grishma & Varsha Ritu. It promotes- -Overall health & functioning -strength -Digestive power -Body mass & solidity -Lightness -Reduces fat. Etc…
  28. 28. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Most of the people don’t do sufficient amount of physical activity, so their digestive capacity is weak, but they eat more, results in indigestion & Aam. 2.Another group of people go to gym daily & they do over exercise, but they are kept on fat free diet. 3.Some people go to gym at evening time. Results in- -Fat deposition & Obesity -DM -Reduced body capacity. Etc… It leads to Vat Prakop, results in- -Body pain -Dark circles -Tiredness -Irritability. Etc…
  29. 29. 10.UDWARTAN 1.Massazing with powder of Kaph Har drugs is called as Udwartan. -It opens up the skin pores & improves complexion -Reduces fat -Reduces itching & skin eruptions. Etc…
  30. 30. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Soaps & body washes replaced Udwartan, but Udwartan is far batter than soaps & all.
  31. 31. 11.SNAN 1.Fresh water or hot water is used for bathing according to season. 2.Hot water is contraindicated for head bath. 3.Bath should not be taken without head wash. 4.Bath should not be taken after food. -It causes harm to eye & hair -Dirt will be kept stuck in hair -Feeling of heaviness -It causes indigestion -To maintain hygiene
  32. 32. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.People use to take bath under hot shower, specially during winters. 2.Some time people take bath 3-4 times a day, under some psychological influence. Results in- -Hair fall -Strain on eye -Head ache -Insomnia etc.. Results in- -Indigestion & Aam
  33. 33. 12.BHOJAN VIDHI 1.Food should be taken when hunger is felt, for healthy people 2 times of meal is adviced. 2.Any type of exercise should not be done immediately after food. 3.Water should not be taken immediately after food. 4.Sleep & sexual activity should not be done immediately after food. 5.Full stomach meal should not be taken. 6.In night, food should not be taken too late, & it should not be heavy. 7.Food which are of opposite qualities, should not be taken. 8.Tambool Sewan is adviced after food. Results in indigestion & formation of Aam
  34. 34. TODAY’S SCENARIO… 1.Most of the people stick to their time schedule for meal. They don’t consider whether they are truly hungry or not. They take 2-3 small diets in between full meal. 2.People takes tea, coffee or cold drink along with or after food, or take 1-2 glass of water immediately after food. 3.People take food late in night & go for sleep or involves in sexual activity. 4.Many times people have to ride bike immediately after meal. 5.People are more habitual for sweet & spicy food. 6.Many times opposite quality of food are taken at a time, e.g.- cold water immediately before tea, cold drinks along with junk foods, fruit-milk shake, fried ice-cream, etc…
  35. 35. 7.People take more liquid diet in morning(Kaphaj Kal), e.g.- 1-2 liter of water in empty stomach; tea, milk or juice in morning; that causes ‘Kled’ in body. (childhood obesity is one of the major health problem this time, liquid diet at morning & less physical activity may be main contributing factors). All these activities leads to Aam & Kled Results in Santarpan Janya Vyadhi-Obesity -Diabetes -Anemia -Skin diseases -Impotency -Mental disability etc…
  36. 36. SOLUTION REGARDING BHOJAN VIDHI… 1.People can be adviced to take less quantity of food when they feel hunger, if they don’t feel good hunger after one meal, the second meal should not be given. 2.People should take a slow walk for 5-10 minute after food. 3.People should be adviced for sufficient physical activities, as sufficient physical activities or exercise is the best way to promote digestion. 4.Its doctor’s duty to educate the individual about the food habits, different food items & their property & interaction with other foods, to enable the individual to plan his own diet.
  37. 37. 13.MADHYAHN CHARYA 1.Mainly official work, for earning. 2.Work should not be illegal, it should be either service under king, merchant business, animal husbandry, agriculture etc.
  38. 38. TODAY’S SCENARIO… Occupation of an individual may cause sever health problems, e.g.- 1.Employee of IT sector 2.Lecturer, Speaker 3.Watchman -Eye problems-Strain, pain, -visual weakness, -Postural disorder-Back pain -cervical pain -throat pain, recurrent throat infection -loss of voice -Varicose veins
  39. 39. SOLUTION REGARDING OCCUPATIONAL DISORDERS… 1. Change the job. 2. Give some gap during working hours to reduce strain to eyes, body. 3. Speaker can use Sneha Gandush regularly, or can sugar candy in mouth during speech. 4. Eye wash with decoction of Amlaki or Kshiri Vriksh.
  40. 40. 13.SADVRITTA Many spiritual activities are mentioned in classics, e.g.- -Respect your elders, parents, teacher, god. -Don’t hurt anyone, always try to help other, offer to other. -Stay away from bad people & bad habits. -Maintain personal hygiene…and many more… All above advices are given mainly to improve good manners & behavior of individual thus to develop a healthy society. But unfortunately people are lacking in good manner in our society, results in- increased crime & disarrangement- that affects the social health & individual health too. SOLUTION- Efforts of correction should be done from the very beginning, means from the childhood of an individual , to give him good manner.
  41. 41. HOW TO FIND ETIOLOGY OF DISEASE IN PATIENT IN CLINICAL PRACTICE A detail history taking can help in evaluation of etiological factor for a disease. ACTIVITY RIGHT WRONG 1.Wake up time in morning 2.Effort for defecation 3.Jeern/Ajeern 5-6 o’clock Without any effort Feeling of freshness 7-10 o’clock After water, tea or tobacco Not complete freshness, urge for 2nd defecation e.g. :-