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Art Critique Words

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Art Critique Words

  1. 1. LINE SHAPE/FORM PRINCIPLES 3-DIMENSIONALblurred amorphous balance bronzebroken biomorphic contrast claycontrolled closed emphasis fiberscurved distorted harmony found materialsdiagonal flat pattern marblefreehand free-form repetition metalhorizontal full of spaces rhythm mixed mediainterrupted geometric unity papier-mâchégeometric heavy variety plastermeandering light stoneruled linear THEMES woodshort massive adorationstraight nebulous children TECHNIQUE/FORMthick open circus architecturethin organic cityscape batikvertical earth, air, fire, water carvingwide COLORS farming festivals ceramics brash gardens collageTEXTURE bright grief craftsactual calm history glassblowingbumpy clear hunting jewelry makingcorrugated cool landscape metalworkflat dull love modelingfurry exciting music mosaicsgooey garish mythology paintingleathery grayed of historic occasions photographyprickly multicolored portraiture printmakingrough muted processions sculpturesandy pale religion weavingshiny poly-chromed seascapesimulated primary storytelling STYLE OR PERIODsmooth saccharine theater abstractsoft secondary war classicalsticky subdued genretacky sweet 2-DIMENSIONAL historicalvelvet warm chalk literarywet charcoal naive SPACE colored pencil narrativeVALUE ambiguous found materials nonobjectivedark deep ink primitivelight flat oil realisticmedium negative/positive pastel romantic open pencil Renaissance shallow photograph print tempera watercolor