icu aki in icu acute pancreatitis fever in immunocompromised patient infection control type 2 respiratory failure. rescue therapy in ards extra corporeal life support ecmo ecsl extra corporeal membrane oxygenation icu and ecmo ischemic stroke globus pallidus thalamus subthalamic nucleus substantia nigra haemorrhagic stroke basal ganglia caudate nucleus putamen stroke dissecting aneurysm central venous catheters catheterization iatrogenic diseases vertebral artery oesophagus difficulty in swallowing dysphgia lusoria esophagus dysphagia external compression aberrant right subclavian artery glaucoma timolol topical beta blockers systemic side effects congenitally absent ivc inferior vena cava dvt leg ulcers steroids in asthma corticosteroids steroids in icu steroids steroids in autoimmune diseases steroids in copd catheter related blood stream infections cvl clabsi blood stream infections audit admission to icu ed er alendronate palmidronate calcium gluconate parathyroidectomy and complications calcitonin bisphosphonates hypercalcemia hypocalcemia hungery bone syndrome amphoterecin diuretics muscle weakness hypomagnesemia hypokalemia candida score achinocandins moulds azoles mucor mycosis fungal diseases cytapheresis good pasteur syndrome plasmapheresis thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura guillain barre syndrome apheresis ttp gbs bbe bickerstaff encephalitis retained knife transorbital injury intracranial injury stab wound transorbital pleurisy intrapleural infections colistin multidrug resistant bacteria mdro acinetobacter baumannii mers cov middle east respiratory syndrome corona virus midodrine terlipressin results of portal hypertension tips hrs hepatorenal syndrome cooling measures rhabdomyolysis brain edema heat stroke hyperthermia ferric fe desferroxamine iron toxicity chelation ferratin stress ulcer prophylaxis sedation vacation vap bundle ventilator associated pneumonia renal azotemia urine sodium azotemia post-renal azotemia post-renal fena pre-renal azotemia pre-renal urine osmolality aki diagnosis of ascities saag abdominal paracentesis portal hypertension. ascities ascitic fluid paracentesis serum ascitic albumin ratio ascities causes pulmonary artery catheter central venous pressure swan ganz arterial blood pressure non invasive blood pressure hemodynamics basic hemodynamic monitoring fahr disease fahr syndrme caveum septum pellucidum cavum vergae fibrinogen hypofibrinogenemia coagulation cocain sniffing drug abuser brain abcess recombinant factor vii novoseven factor viii by passing agents ah factor viii inhibitors feiba acquired hemophilia methanol. ethyl alcohol. isopropyl alcohol alcohol toxicology metabolic encephalopathy coma pneumoperitoneum pneumoretroperitoneum endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. pneumothoraces ercp tenia solium seizures neurocysticercosis bilthazer pancreatic necrosis pancreatitis ranson's criteria pancreas bisap score glasgow auto peep dynamic hyperinflation air trapping exacerbation of copd acute severe asthma intracerebral haemorrhage management hypertensive ich management guidelines 2010 ich plathysmographic variation pac invasive haemodynamic monitoring ivc diameter non invasive haemodynamic monitoring haemodynamic parameters fluid responsiveness pulse pressure variation respiratory compensation of metabolic acidosis chronic respiratory acidosis acute respiratory acidosis alkalemia respiratory acidosis acidemia metabolic acidosis abgs metabolic alkalosis vbgs blood gas analysis respiratory rate improving mean airway pressure management of hypoxic patient peep inspiratory flow recruitment hypoxia opisthotonus tetanus cephalic tetanus immunization tetanus immunoglobulins lock jaw nice sugar rbs in icu tight sugar control blood sugar control exchange transfusion management of acute chest syndrome transfusion in scd sickle cell disease scd acute chest syndrome febrile neutropenia spinal compression hydrocephalus increased intracranial pressure oncologic emergencies tumor lysis syndrome superior vena cava syndrome infection prevention barrier nursing using mask in icu contact precautions nosocomial infection prevention acute fatty liver of pregnancy hellp syndrome pre-eclampsia eclampsia critical illness in pregnancy pregnancy and critical illness gbs and respiratory failure critical illness neuropathy myasthenia gravis and respiratory failure critical care neuropathy and respiratory failure transfusion related acute lung injury blood transfusion reactions blood component therapy acute hemolytic transfusion reaction trali volutrama barotrauma hfo high frequency oscillatory ventilator hfv airway pressure release ventilation t-low t-high ards p-low aprv p-high burnout syndrome among critical care physicians an frustration among icu staff burnout syndrome burnout predictors for weaning outcomes mechanical ventilation weaning scores in mechanically ventilated patients readiness to wean weaning from mechanical ventilation hypertensive emergency therapy malignant hypertension treatment options in hypertensive emergencies accelerated hypertention hypertensive emergencies hypertensive encephalopathy hypertensive urgency crrt dosage writing crrt continuous renal replacement therapy crrt indications crrt advantages
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