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  1. ITEC 299 Synthesis about Social Learning Danielle Andre
  2. Describe your personal learning preferences (1 paragraph, 100-150 words) - Answer EACH of the following questions: At the beginning of this class my scores were good, I was high in visual and active and lower in verbal and sequential. The quiz about the syllabus was simple because it was easy to understand. But later on the quiz gets harder and my score went lower. At the end of the class, my thinking changes about my learning preferences and how easy it was for me to learn one way over the other. At the beginning it wasn't hard for me to keep up but I noticed that it was hard after that and I didn't noticed that the papers about using the knowledge in another class was mandatory. The instructions were a bit unclear at first to me.
  3. Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of the class (1 paragraph, 100-200 words) I decided on taking the learning pathway of a Learning Sage. I knew about technology but I wanted to have a broad understanding of how having a technological background can help me with learning opportunities. During the semester as we learned about more and more technologies, my ability use to be able to use the different ways I can use the technology in a good way, helped me in class. I was able to use different learning strategies in class each week that help kick start my brain. I was able to have a more attentive class experience, my learning ability increased in this class.
  4. Describe how the activities you completed contributed or did not contribute to your learning pathway (1 paragraph, 100-200 words) Now that I learned more about Twitter, I enjoy using Twitter now that I know how to use it. I have a lot of friends and family on the site that I follow to stay updated on their lives. Twitter worked best for me as an active learner because I was able to be active on the site. I could talk to friends quickly and get quick responses to questions I needed answered. I could follow different teachers to keep up on current assignments, video interviews they post and such.
  5. Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 mobile/social/ multimedia technologies you explored for learning (3 paragraphs, 100-150 words each) As I have stated before, I used Twitter quite a lot now. I have an iPhone and it helps me keep up to date I used my iPhone to stay updated on my Twitter feed. On Twitter I found some teachers I have had and always post advice or information if we even need it. He also likes to post his interview videos when he goes off and interviews people for Labor Studies. This has helped my learning experience tremendously because I was able to be active, visual, and part of the Twitter community. I was really against using Twitter but now I can't stop. I even use
  6. #2 As I stated before I use Facebook often now. I like to use my iPhone to keep me updated on my Facebook page as well by emailing about a new post or the notifications. I enjoy seeing the news feed and try to update my news feed as much as possible. For example, I updated my Facebook page about how many exams I was having. I had several friends and family members post on my Facebook to offer help and advice on what I can do to get a better grade and time manage myself. They even left me messages boosting my self confidence greatly, it made me
  7. #3 Twitter helped me become active in my learning style. I will continue to use Twitter and learn more about how to use Twitter in more productive and innovative ways to stimulate my learning capabilities. Social Bookmarking surprised me the most out of the learning quests. I did not really understand how they could be so productive in research and analysis of web sites and articles online. But they really helped me when it came down to writing my essays and getting the research material needed for them. I think that Twitter worked best for me. I think by using my iPhone to connect on Twitter was one of the best strategies I used for learning this semester. By using Twitter on my phone, I was able to interact with people discussing those theories. I was able to get into a community and talk about those issues.
  8. Synthesize your experience investigating your use of different mobile/social/multimedia technologies for learning (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words each) I will continue to use the learning strategy of being connected to people and networking. Social networking is such a huge tool to anyone wanting to connect to people around the globe. Throughout the semester we found ways of how to network easier on the web and by using different technologies. I will use all the knowledge I have gathered from this class to help me set up and start my own social network to keep in touch with other. Linked In has become an important tool in the workplace because of how much one can network, it can help people find a job and get connected with people.
  9. Describe how you will use what you learned in this class after this semester (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words) I will always be using my iPhone to help me stay connected to the world and all my friends. I am now a Twitter fan and will continue to use that and Facebook. I'll stay connected to my old teachers and students I have interacted with during the course of my semester. I will also continue to use Facebook to connect with people I went to school with years ago. Linked in is a good website to use, I personally haven't used it but I know people who have and a few of my professors have suggested us as a class use it as well. I know when I graduate in the next coming semesters, I will give Linked in a look at because it will help me find a job.