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Green Flight Project

The field of aviation is long overdue for a major transformation, according to George Bye, founder of Bye Energy, and Charlie Johnson, former President of Cessna.

Bye Energy, an integrator of alternative energy and renewable fuel technologies for business and general aviation aircraft, has launched “The Green Flight Project” to enhance the development of an electric and electric-hybrid propulsion system (EHPS) for commercial application. The objective of the project is to design and integrate an EHPS into a full-scale proof of concept airplane and to demonstrate that electric hybrid propulsion is safe, viable and economic – reducing cost, noise and CO2 impact from aircraft.

Over the past year, Bye Energy has forged relationships with multiple technical partners including Vertical Power, Inc. for the energy management system, Porous Power Technologies, LLC for the lithium-ion battery and separator technology, Scion Aviation, LLC for composite parts and materials, and Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. for thin film photovoltaics.

You can see more about the Green Flight Project in ColoradoBiz Magazine.

George Bye, CEO, and Charlie Johnson, COO, will review aviation-related technology, market past, present and future, and discuss the unique and transformational characteristics of electric and electric-hybrid propulsion on general aviation.

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