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An experiment with AWS Lambda

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A technical presentation of the EMBL-EBI Skills Mapper based on Neo4j and AWS Lambda.

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An experiment with AWS Lambda

  1. 1. An experiment with AWS Lambda EBI Skills Mapper Daniel Vaughan @DanielVaughan www.ebi.ac.uk
  2. 2. The Problem • Map the skills and interests of our developers • Easy to interact with and no registration • Enable finding patterns in the data
  3. 3. The Graph Database Amazon EC2 t2.micro with 8GB SSD + +
  4. 4. AWS Lambda Lambda • Language runtime vs. container or VM • Functions are unit of deployment • Java 8, Node.js or Python 2.7 • Linux containers + packing algorithm • Scaling handling for you • Stateless – permanent storage is elsewhere • Pay per request
  5. 5. Getting email in SES (Simple Email Service) Lambda SNS (Simple Notification Service)   To: i.am.using@gcscc.site Subject: nodejs aws-lambda 
  6. 6. Processing email SNS (Simple Notification Service) Lambda Graph Database   Lambda  DynamoDB 
  7. 7. Gathering more information SNS (Simple Notification Service)  Graph Database  Lambda Stack Overflow API     EBI Intranet
  8. 8. Getting information out API Gateway Lambda Graph Database    
  9. 9. Serving the UI Route 53 (gcscc.site) Webpages on S3 API Gateway    
  10. 10. The Result
  11. 11. The Graph
  12. 12. What I liked • Low costs • Very nearly free and will be even with thousands of users • Clean architecture • Forced to have independent functions that do one thing • Hugely powerful and flexible toolkit • Feels productive as a developer • ~1 feature per hour (40 hours total)
  13. 13. What I didn’t like • Tools are still emerging • node-lambda used for local execution, testing and deployment • Can see managing many functions and will get tricky • Setting up plumbing like SNS events and permissions not automated (for me) • A slight delay in cold start of Node.js functions but better than Java • Error handling needs a bit of thought
  14. 14. Future plans • Cloud Formation for Lambda • API Caching (very small $ cost) • Tuning (turn up the dial) • Editing web frontend with login and API authentication • I am optimistic Lambda will become production ready
  15. 15. Thanks to Jenny Cham UX, prototyping and testing Ken Hawkins Visual design and styling
  16. 16. Try it out To: i.learned.from@gcscc.site Subject: dvaughan@ebi.ac.uk aws-lambda