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Butterfly Labs Analysis

  1. Butterfly Labs by Cameron Hejazi
  2. BFL Products Standalone SHA-256 ASIC miners SHA-256 ASIC mining chips Hosted SHA-256 mining
  3. BFL Financials Private company #1 hardware supplier for Bitcoin mining Bitcoin mining has exploded in popularity...
  4. BTC Arms Race
  5. BTC Market Cap
  6. BFL History Founded in 2011 focused on semiconductor design Started making Bitcoin FPGA miners; success! Shipped first Bitcoin ASIC miners June 2013
  7. BFL Bleeding Edge BitSafe
  8. BFL Secret Sauce Timing Cost of Mining + Cost of Bitcoin complex
  9. BFL Quirkiness CEO is a convicted felon!
  10. BFL Competition Owned Mining: Avalon Rented Mining: CEX.IO Wallet: Coinbase,
  11. BFL Future Future of Altcoin Economy? Future of Bitcoin Economy? Future of Legality? Despite these challenges, I’m bullish