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The Inbound Marketing Checklist

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What are you trying to achieve with inbound marketing? What is the checklist you need to execute? Where should your focus be?

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The Inbound Marketing Checklist

  1. 1. EngageThe InboundMarketingChecklistDouglasKarrDK New Media
  2. 2. How Do People Buy From You?+ =+ =Sales:Marketing:CallsAds, Content, Events
  3. 3. Reality of How People Buy From You+=+ ++ -Sales Marketing Search SocialLocation Reviews Competition
  4. 4. It’s Paths, Not Funnels
  5. 5. Why Do People Select You?TrustAuthorityProductConveniencePriceService
  6. 6. EngageEngagement happens whenProspect NeedsMatch your ServiceThey Found you,recognize your Authorityand Trust you.
  7. 7. FoundSearch• Brand• Topic• LocalSocial• Network• Industry
  8. 8. The Problem•SEO is a math problem.•Search is a people problem.
  9. 9. The SignsVolumeRankVisitorsConversions
  10. 10. Go OftenDo what says.
  11. 11. Marketing and IntentLeadNurturing
  12. 12. Audible, Visual, Kinesthetic
  13. 13. Priorities for Inbound Strategy• Website that is found via search and shared viasocial media• Content that is recent, frequent, relevant• Social presence building authority• Calls-To-Action (CTAs) that direct visitors• Landing Pages that capture data• Nurturing programs that touch and advanceleads• Feed Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic Needs
  14. 14. Contact UsDK New Media120 E Market St, Suite 940Indianapolis, IN 46204317.456.2564info@dknewmedia.comMarketing Tech Bloghttp://www.marketingtechblog.com