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The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business - Infographic

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This Infographic showcases the 10 Commandments of Pinterest for Business. Originally produced by Socially Sorted (Donna Moritz) as part of a guest post for Amy Porterfield, this infographic has been shared tens of thousands of times and featured on Entrepreneur.com.

Pinterest zoomed past 10 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. It beat the traffic of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, and it is now capable of driving more referral traffic than Twitter.

This infographic showcases 10 commandments of using Pinterest for Business:

1. Play for Thy Pinning Success
- Set up your acount properly
- prepare your blog for pinning (using the pin-it and follow buttons)
- integrate pinterest share buttons with other social media platforms
- research what your ideal client is pinning
- set up your initial boards and start pinning

2. Honour Thy Source
- Be copyright savvy - read the terms and conditions
- Click before re-pinning - check the source of the pin is legitimate
- add a watermark to preserve pin integrity

3. Thou Shalt Pin Strategically
- Pin across a range of boards
- Follow, follow, follow. Pin. Repin. Comment. Like. Repeat.
- If you sell products, create a price baner (add $9.99 to your pin description)
- Add weblinks in your description
- Time your Pins (Don't pin dump - space them out)

4. Thou Shalt Remember to be Social
- Remember to comment on and like other pins
- @tag other pinners by name
- track repins from your site (pinterest.com/source/xyz.com
- say thank you for repins

5. Thou Shalt Produce Visual Pinnable Content
- Choose great images for your blog
- pin different image types (photos, images, text - and don't forget video)
- use image creation tools (ie Instagram, Picmonkey, Pixlr, Pinstamatic)
- Keep it simple - use visual, clear, engaging images, photos and text
- Create your own infographics

6. Thou Shalt Create as well as Curate
- Don't just self-promote. Showcase the lifestyle behind your brand. Pin about your business and others in your niche.
- Become the go-to source for information - be it original or re-pinned
- Most pins are repins, so create your own "fresh" content
- learn from other brands who pin successfully

7. Promote thy Business Creatively
- Use a "Call to Action" in your pins
- Use Pinterest to promtoe (and/or conduct) competitions
- Think outside the square - integrate offline and online strategies
- Allow users to post on competition or promotion boards

8. Thou Shalt Consider Referral Traffic and SEO
- Set your profile and pins up to be noticed. Add categories, hashtags, keywords, engaging captions, and urls in your pins and your "About" profile.
- Consider what content will bring users to your site
9. Thou Shalt Take Advantage of Thy Tools
10. Thou Shalt Research and Measure Thy Pins

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