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Spotlight on Mum's Eye View, Asda's innovative YouTube brand channel

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Spotlight on Mum's Eye View, Asda's innovative YouTube brand channel

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Asda launched Mum's Eye View in March 2014. Since then is has built up more than 180,000 subscribers and generated more than 11m views. All of which is organic.

Asda launched Mum's Eye View in March 2014. Since then is has built up more than 180,000 subscribers and generated more than 11m views. All of which is organic.


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Spotlight on Mum's Eye View, Asda's innovative YouTube brand channel

  1. 1. Spotlight on: Mums Eye View Speaker: Dom Burch
  2. 2. First, a little bit about me...• 12 years at Asda • Trained in PR • Took 6 month career break in 2011 • Led Walmart’s social media strategy in Europe • In charge of AMP since April 2014
  3. 3. Story-telling is key to driving genuine customer engagement
  4. 4. Facebook learning's paved the way for 188% Sales Uplift Spend: £1,500 Reached 2.8M Facebook users
  5. 5. ASDA Mum’s love YouTube…
  6. 6. …but not necessarily ASDA’s channel
  7. 7. Mum’s Eye View launches March 2014
  8. 8. Social Talent Harnessing influence and engagement on social
  9. 9. 8.5 5.9 4.7 3.4 3 2.4 1.7 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Zoella Lady Gaga VEVO Caspar Lee The X Factor UK Tanya Burr BBC Radio 1 Beyonce VEVO Channel subscribers (000,000s) Audience Perspective
  10. 10. Christmas 2013: YouTube approach
  11. 11. Christmas 2014: ‘Come Dine With Me’ Influencer 10,000 UNIQUE VISITS TO PRODUCT PAGES £120,000 TOTAL SPEND 3.3M TOTAL ORGANIC VIEWS
  12. 12. 2,159 Views 12 clicks Sales Lift Unknown Christmas 2013 vs 2014 1.7m Views 10,000 clicks Impressive Sales Lift
  13. 13. Content Strategy ‘How to…’ • Makeup tutorials • Recipes • Fitness tips Talent Vlogs Produ ct Hauls
  15. 15. Social
  16. 16. Over 7 Million Views 154,000 Subscribers 10 Million+ Supporting Talent Views Channel success to
  17. 17. Walmart.com collaboration Independence Day Video with £27,000 TOTAL SPEND 80k TOTAL ORGANIC VIEWS LIKEABILITY RATIO 97:1 230K INSTAGRAM LIKES
  18. 18. Audience Statistics: first 50 hours• Total Views: 73,000 • Top 3 video when searched ‘Independence Day’ at 9am 4th July – within 15hours of going live • Subscribers added: 3,000 • Cost per view: £0.36 / $0.54 • Viewers per hour: 1,400. That’s a 1 every 2.5seconds! • Likes: 12,000
  19. 19. Next steps... Influencers on extended talent platforms: Instagram Snapchat Facebook Vine
  20. 20. Key Learnings • Creating great content on its own is not enough • Working with key influencers allows you to rent their audience • More cost effective and engaging than paid for media approach • …However, we are only scratching the surface
  21. 21. Thank you Questions?

Notas do Editor

  • Social Media has changed the way that brands communicate with customers.
    To be successful, brands must meaningfully engage with customers. They need to find a way to tell a story without overtly pushing a message. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm epitomises this growing trend in the way that it actively discriminates against posts from brands that users don’t engage with
  • ASDA’s Facebook strategy has always been focused on driving genuine customer engagement the fan base which was grow organically is now paying dividends at a time when brands are seeing organic reach of less than 2% per post. ASDA’s army of genuine advocates, 1.5M strong mean that ASDA buck the trend in reach on social network platform. With a mere £1,500 ad spend, this Frozen post reached 2.8M people, along with lifting sales by 188% on George.com within 24 hours of the post live date.
  • After conducting a qualitative research study we discovered that ASDA customers were using You Tube almost as much as Facebook, and twice as much as Twitter on a daily basis.
  • However when we looked at asda’s then You Tube presence, we realised we had fallen into the trap of hiding all of our corporate videos along with our TV commercials and had almost used ASDA’s You Tube channel as a dumping ground. It’s no surprise that the channel only had acquired 2,500 subscribers in 10 years.
  • The customer-centric approach, which we had applied to Facebook, since it had proved to be so successful was replicated on You Tube. Instead of pumping advertising spend into the corporate you tube channel, we set up an entirely new one, Mum’s Eye View which aimed to provide ASDA Mum’s with inspiration on some of their favourite topics:
    1. Food 2. Fashion 3. beauty and 4. having fun. Here’s a trailer of what kind of video you can see every Friday at 4pm.
  • In order to create engaging content that told a story, You Tube recommended that we place the power into the hands of the people that were doing it best, “Vloggers”, who are essentially You Tube content creators with a high number of subscribers. Gleam represent 25 of the UK’s premium social talent

  • Cumulative audience across the roster of talent over 30 million engaged subscribers on you tube and 15 million followers on Twitter
    Huge portfolio of previous and existing relationships across all brand categories, in particular with fashion, beauty, food, gaming, travel and entertainment.
    The talent not only have unparalleled audiences, but they have a creative flair for thinking about how to bring the products to life in an engaging and genuine way.
  • Let’s take, our less glamorous hero Christmas lines as an example.  
    Turkey, brussel sprouts, gravy….
    In 2013 we did this: A video hosted by Jim Viggars, Head of Fresh Meat at ASDA who is joined by Asda mum Karen - who has never cooked a Christmas turkey. Jim talks Karen through our Butcher's Selection turkey range and answers her queries around how to cook and prepare it and it went live onto the ASDA you tube channel around Christmas time…
  • For Christmas 2014, we teamed up with Tanya Burr,& Jim Chapman, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, along with Anna and Jonathan Saccone Joly’s ( our subscribers favourite couple) who have a combined subscriber base of 17 Million with a similar brief and the result, to create a series of 4 videos in the style of the popular TV show “Come Dine with Me”.
  • Particularly when compared to the Jim Viggar’s video from the year before the combined views from the series was 631,016 in 7 days along with 1.7M views of the companion content on the talent’s own content channels, where all products were also available at asda.
    The benefits were not only in brand awareness through the unprecedented reach but the channel also gained 38,430 subscribers as a result of the video along with just under 10,000 clicks to products pages online where the featured products were available to add to a customer’s online basket. This drove sales of the hero products although we’re unable to disclose the actual uplift.
  • The most popular kind of content on You Tube are “How to” video. This trend is replicated onto the MEV channel also showing that ASDA customers love to be educated.
  • This genuine approach has spilled onto other social media platforms including, Twitter and Instagram, where viewers are encouraged to try the recipe or makeover at @mev. The easter baking video with the Saccone-Jolys resulted in hudreds of user photos on twitter.
  • So far we have only spent £10,000 in paid advertising on the channel, which was a minimum spend requirement to activate Info Cards, an interactive in-video feature that allows users to click through to purchase the products as they see them within the video.
    Average cost per view via TrueView advertising in our experience is 10p. On the channel as a whole through talent collaborations our average cost per view is 2.6p and the retention rate is 60% higher on organic views.
    To date since the channel launched in March 2014, there are 145,914 subscribers, 6,048,682 views, 10M supporting talent views so 16M in total.
    106k clicks to products and recipes.  
    What is incredible is the retention rate that is sustained across videos that are over 10 minutes long. Take the Festive feast as an example where at 10:01 65% of the audience is still actively engaged.
  • In summary the approach of letting go and letting real life customers and people experience our products as they would in every day life has resulted in the MEV channel as the most fastest growing brand channels in the UK. Of course through creating such an engaged audience there is now opportunities for ASDA to monetise the channel either through activating AdSense and enabling pre-roll or through brand collaborations in the form of product placement, this will allow us to recoup the investment that has grown the channel to where it is now.
    It’s an approach that we would definitely apply to other marketing channels