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[INFOGRAPHIC] WordPress Layout and Styling Tips

Now, this may sound harsh, but it’s certainly true – if we don’t like your website, we are not going to stay there long. You see, we are very spoiled beings; most of the things we need are at the tip of our fingers, with lots of options to boot.

In most cases, our first contact with your company, and you, will probably be online, on your website. That first contact will deeply impact all our future interactions. It takes only 100 milliseconds for us to form an opinion about someone, including your website.

Think about it. If you are looking for a … dog breeder, isn’t your decision going to be impacted in part by the design of their website, the last time it was updated and the time it takes them to respond to your message? The only message a website that looks like it was built in 90’s, or a blog with the last entry in late 2012, sends is “We are out of business”!

According to the Stanford Web Credibility Research, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. This does not mean that the content you feature on your website is not the most important, but that first impression, before we commit to reading your content, relies on the presentation of that content.

With so many options available today for the users and website owners both, there is no reason why we would have to suffer bad design and user experience. There are more that 1000 WordPress theme shops and with $46 being the average price of a premium WordPress theme, that nothing is stopping you from having from a responsive and well-designed site. Take for example Themify.Me, a drag and drop website builder that lets you create beautiful responsive WordPress sites without any coding knowledge required.

So go ahead, choose one of the thousands WP themes available and, following the tips and tricks offered in our infographic, start creating your beautiful and unique website!

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