tuberculosis infection travancore medical college hospital infections nursing informatics infection control transplantation immunology medical informatics for medical students west nile fever cytomegalovirus positive thinking rickettsiaceae listeria monocytogenes kollam india kollam corynebacterium diphtheria hope multidrug resistant tuberculosis introduction to medical microbiology crisis in indian medical education poliomyelitis an update diagnosis of tuberculosis adenovirus happiness skill based learning antibiotic policy swami vivekananda malaria drug resistance rabies serology infections day microbiology best practices in diagnostic microbiology journal club in medicine by dr.t.v.rao md crisis in medical education time to verify whonet documentation in antibiotic policy work place challenges we can fight back work place challenges - we can fight back streaking gram staining and clinical utility school hygiene hand washing trends 10 options to control hospital infections infection control in burns patients sri rama krishna my master management of diagnostic microbiology department things we should do by doctorrao elizabethkingia meningoseptica maldi tof in clinical microbiology why we need better diagnostic microbiology dept infection control changing trends mdr - tb facts and concerns health care associated infection creating atlas mdr tb an update world tb day 2016 hospital associated infections auditing antibiograms auiditng hospital associated infections by carbapenam resistance and update technology in infectious diseases infections in dialysis patients basis and preventi how to train our medical gradautes by dr.t.v.rao m emerging challenges in diagnostic microbiology zika viral infection a emerging concern why infection control a priority ? blood culturing newer technologies need to choose a ethical doctor power point presentations unethical medical research creating purpose to our life - think to just do it teaching medicine with technology by dr.t.v.rao md  paramyxoviridiae cloud computing in medicine and infectious d poliomyelitis basics whonet basics to rethink on modern medical education? smile make the world beautiful learning from aids pandemic teaching with vision bird flu avian influenza essential learning bird flu avian influnza essential learning sharing our knowledge be a academic medical student medical professionalism are we investing ? what is a good lecture? what is a good lecture? hand washing reasons to save many caring patients with carbapenem resistant gram-ne superbugs in our hospitals antibiotic use misuse – raise of super-bugs? how computers influence our consciousness why the doctors need ethics sterilization of operation theatres – time to st can we make our lives better? reinventing life with positive thinking communicating with students improving medical education with technology culture media in bacteriology to be an interesting teacher be a successful teacher varicella zoster herpes simplex i and ii misinformation in medicine improving medical education with e-learning resour ca- mrsa current perceptions on treatment importance of teaching microbiology to medical stu culturing of microbiology specimens in laboratorie middle east respiratory syndrome - coronavirus essentials of specimen management in diagnostic mi specimen management in diagnostic microbiology essential criteria in diagnosis of urinary tract i bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella vaginitis) legionella pneumophila ca-mrsa an update rat bite fevers hinduism what the great think listeriosis an update be a competent medical microbiologist be bold to life post antibiotic era emerging concern to humanity carbapenem resistance in clinical care choosing happiness be a successful professional a beginning to medical microbiology world hand hygiene day may 5th 2014 to inspire our students teaching and learning in digital age be a smart teacher ? disinfection in health care the practice of teaching bio films in infection updated general microbiology spotters by dr sudheer kher m hand washing changing role of medical microbiologists to infect why antibiotics our best friends and worst enemies diagnosis of tuberculosis an update how technology changed our life world health day 2014 how i made it on world wide web resistance to b lactam antibiotics facing the university examinations in medicine world tb day 2014 wish to be a clinical microbiologist enteric fever primary skills in patient care teaching with technology what is next in diagnostic microbiology bioinformatics in future medical care the story of hand washing diptheria update reading a book to be a successful medical teacher e learring and virtual learning trying to be creative ? making the simple powerpoint presentation tumor immunity universal safety precautions an update cheating and plagiarism – in science and medicin what changes our lives? how to love our work – 50 years of jn medical college souviner artilces o operation theatre surveillance: operation theat medical education in technological era what inspires my life? national youth day- swami vivekananda’s message operation theatre management bioinformatics for medical students why we make mistakes urine collection in urinary tract infections a sc infections in pregnant women role of diagnostic things which may change our lives? the hinduism - on future of humanity things we can do in 2014 sexually transmitted infections basics in diagnos antigen and antibody reactions agglutination tes moving from past to future infection lecture basics bacterial genetics and applications world aids day 2013 winning life with attitude and friends diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections bacte classification staining methods bacteriology basics morphology living with challenges – striving for success who is your best teacher? – however it is our ow sexually transmitted diseases living every day in the world why clinical microbiology is important in saving l celebrating the festivals with prayer living with conflicts in the medical profession empowering the life with time management empowering the life with time management be a winner in life hand washing a tribute to ignaz philip semmelweis what medical students should know about antibiotic is life a choice or just happens ? challenges to be in teaching winning life with confidence onam for unity and prosperity world sepsis day 13 september why we should read books learning abc of medicine cephalosporins teaching basics basis of hinduism training our medical students publish and perish tuberculosis.drug resistance tuberculosis rntcp and dots how to be creative as a teacher human immunodeficiency virus a student update cheating in science and medicine teacher evaluations in medical colleges are we teaching creativity to our studetns infection control protocols at travancore medical kerala ventilator associated pneumonia- care and preventi superbugs a threat to human life be a good teacher acinetobacter baumannii update biology to molecular biology changing scenario in rhinovirus an update coxsackieviruses an update role of nursing in infection control virus structure & replication wish to be a good teacher enterobacteriaceae identification journal clubs at medical colleges and institutes scrub typhus h1n1 prevention and care prevention of urinary cather associated infectio medical documentation & legal challenges quotes on microbiology mycetoma actinomycetes ( includes nocardia) urinary catheter care - skills and asepsis syphilis an update for students care of intravascular catheters tuberculosis student update tuberculosis care istc training module brucellosis h.influenza pseudomonas an update salmonella infections an update living with social networking shigella shigellosis clostridium botulinum clostridium difficile associated diarrhea gram's staining face to face with microbiologists meningitis meningococcal meningitis colistin and newer applications learning medicine in information age trends in medical microbiology series 1 challenges of a medical student sexually transmitted infections agglutination tests and immunoassys antigen and antibody reactions precipitation meth agglutination tests basic skills introduction to immunity bacterial genetics.basics guest talk on icu infections anaerobic bacteriology introduction to mycology how to study medicine medical students bacteriophages antiviral drugs hospital infections skills in prevention concepts of infection control ntintravenous medication care and complication digital learning for medical professionals intensive care units infections and contro bacteriology laboratory organization malaria an essay aids teaching module oncogenic virus are we creative ? creativity rotaviral infection rubella sars update widal test why we still do it ? paragonimus westermani clostridium tetani an essay aids and cns hepatitis a infection the genus staphylococcus. fasciola hepatica rabies - rhabdovirus viral vaccines current practices arbovirus part ii japanese b encephalitis legionnaires’ disease doing our duty – thinking of god diagnosis of tuberculosis principles and practice mumps update measles - update from microbiology to clinical microbiology can we onam human unity bhagavad gita teaches our duty antibiotic resistance what can we do ? achieving success through power of thinking epstein-barr virus procrastination and medical profession diagnosis of viral infections basics living with happiness tinea solium human enlightenment successful teaching in medicine from failure to success basics in virology viral infections in humans creativity in medical practice what patient’s ex human action hand hygiene for patients medical virology introduction bhagavad gita and human conflicts emerging crisis in medical education teaching medicine from past to future importance of today teaching clinical microbiology empowering medical teachers bhagavad gita and purpose of human life carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae how to be happy cephalosporin resistance in e.coli skills in medical communication. donovania granulomatis biochemical tests in enterobacteriaceae practice of happiness helicobacter pylori an update limitation in diagnostic microbiology laboratoreis surviving as a medical teacher ? hindu dharma and human suffering nocardia clinical medicine to experimental medicine actinomycosis leishmaniasis science technology and religion cephalosporin resistance in enterobacteriaceae trypanosoma cruzi leptospirosis.pptx disinfection and sterilization in health care spirochetes borrelia lyme disease trypanosoma brucei mycobacterium lepra leprosy living with a purpose genomics in medical education making of better doctors the law of retribution probiotics hindu dharma and human destiny newer diagnostic trends successful teaching basic skills for medical studetns good medicine tuberculosis basics bio-safety in causality department serratia marcescens bordetella pertussis why medical teachers need internet antibiotics success and failure pseudomonas everyones role basics fluroquinolones e learning in medicine - need for change urinary catheter care skills in asepsis creativity in medical teaching learning medicine in the changing world through in vibrio cholera an update my mother sarada devi medical teaching are we doing well teaching medical microbiology infection control at our hospital hand hygiene at schools salmonella basics health care workers safety in h1n! influenza hepatitis c infection update enterobacteriaceae basics ventilator associated pneumonia - prevention e.coli infection drug resistant tuberculosis enterobacteriaceae skills in bacteriology happy vishu varicella zoster update on vaccination sri ramana maharishi man divine hinduism progress of humanity swine flu - bio safety and prevention esbl producers therapeutic options tetanus swami vivekananda the living spirit e-learning in medicine electronic news letter from travancore medical col diphtheria human pailloma virus updates and vaccination hand hygiene at travancore medical college kollam powerpoint presentation medical teachers creating e-learning content for medical profession streptococcus infections and complications whonet documentation at travancore medical college kollam kerala india sri ramakrishna"s message technology for medical teachers staphylococcus in hospital practice adult immunization candida as an emerging pathogen of medical importa kirby bauer antibiotic sensitivity testing human safety in dialysis units world tb day 2012 streptococcal pharyngitis medical ethics biosaftey in dialysis units swami vivekananda's message to humanity vaccine engineering phlebotomy and needle disposal lower respiratory tract infections diagnosi cell mediated immunity autoimmunity yellowone needle stick injuries weil – felix test curricular changes in medical microbiology bhagavan sri rama krishna sterilization and disinfection. an update bacteriophage skills in medicine e learning for medical colleges normal human flora challenges in medicine e-learning solutions basics in immunity streptococcus pneumonia (pneumococcus) streptococcus pyogenes major histocompatablity complex atypical mycobacterium humoral immunity coombs' test x-mdr tuberculosis disinfection in hospitals biosafety in microbiology laboratory immune system - structure and functions universal health care precautions f clindamycin uses and concerns colistin in multi drug resistant bacteria health care precautions dealing multidrug resistan the top 10 medical advances of the decade happy new year antibiotics use and misuse and consequences koch's postulates hospital infections emerging trends hepatitis c infection adenovirus infections interpretation of urine cultures hepatitis b infection diagnosis art of teaching teaching better teaching and training in medical microbiolo antimicrobial stewardship esbl - dynamics and detection air sampling for microbes in hospitals gram staining and clinical applications immune response identification of bacterial pathogens infection prevention infection control committee needle sticks and other sharps injuries hand hygiene travancore medical college kollam occupational exposure post exposure prophylaxis gas plasma sterilization community assocated mrsa ca-mrsa infection control in icu's icu infections sterilization and disinfection of operation theate surveillance emerging trends in diagnosis biology to molecular biology hospital acquired infections misuse of antibiotics antibiotics norovirus infection cryptococcus neoformans sri mutyalamma vari temple dimorphic fungal infections innate immunity- nobel prize 2011 hypersensitivity reactions basics steve jobs a tribute mahatma gandhi on human dharma human immunodeficiency virus infection urinary tract infection clinical based learning stem cells and progress of science staphylococcus aureus basic exercise medical informatics for medical colleges hinduism and human diversity gene therapy understanding basics sri ramakrishna a life divine stress management in students 150 birth anniversary chikungunya an update white collar cheaters spirit of unity onam internist on duty vancomycin resistant staphylococcus medical informatics dengue fever update world rabies day acid fast staining respiratory syncytial virus melioidosis. burkholderia pseudomallei antibiotic sensitivity testing quality control influenza update rhinovirus handling and disposal of infectious waste antigen and antibody reactions ebv herpes 6 8 cytomegalovirus cmv 2 and vzv herpes viridae hsv 1 writing a unscientific ? paper in medicine saving lives hand washing hepatitis e infection specimen management in microbiology virus and host interactions role of specimen collection in microbiology bioinformatics quality control in serology enterobacter and emerging nosocomial infection stenotrophomonas maltophilia emerging pathogen serology in infectious diseases gene tracking fumigation of operation theatres molecular based diagnosis nonfermenting gram negative bacteria. polymerase chain reaction in infectious diseases planning a thesis by medical students vishakaptnam pydah educational instituions socrates laboratory detection of esbl shiga toxins e.coli o104 h4 pulse net e.coli 0104 h4 an emerging infection kirby-bauer disc diffusion method antibiotic susce kolar sri dev raj urs medical college thank you all molecular methods in the diagnostic microbiology enterobacteriaceae biofilms and quorum sensing thesis writing 5th generation cephalosporins campylobacter jejuni&helicobacter pylori arboviral outbreak minimum inhibitory concentration antibiotic sensitivity testing synthetic biology norovirus bhagavadgita sri ramakrishna truth syphilis basics talk on hiv infection anaerobic culture methods ndm - 1 role of microbiology laboratories new delhi metallobetalactamase antibiotic sensitivity testing skills in microbi reemerging infections emerging infections networking infections bioterrorism diagnostic microbiology gram staining culturing of urine adult immunization update 2011 serological diagnosis of syphilis blood culturing in infections hospital infections and control carbapenamases facts and diagnosis human papilloma virus vaccination and concerns eskape pathogens antibacterial stewardship fluorescent microscopy universal health precautions vancomycin resistant enterococci antibiotic resistance meningitis laboratory diagnosis of meningitis medical documentation clsi 2010 cephalosporins resistance to gram negative bacteri antifungal sensitivity testing biosafety displays slide culture in mycology egg inoculation in virology bacterial culture methods ppt - save the planet solar punch multi drug resistant bacteria diagnosis typhoid fever microbiology and internet hodge test skills in medical microbiology world health day whonet data entry whonet part i dimorphic fungus systemic mycosis anthrax biohazards zoonosis microbiology best web sites plasmids whonet in microbiology nation mission on eductation through information a extended spectrum beta lactamases clinical use of polymyxins polymyxins crimeancongo hemorrhagic fever streptococcus pneumoniae western blotting rationalism of antibiotic therapy leptospirosis emerging challenges in medical education technology for medical teachers time management students bacterial staining methods microscope ug microbiology department biochemical reactions bacteriology ventilator associated pneumonia carbapenams sri rama krishna divine gospel new delhi metalo betalactamase world aids day 2010 clostridium difficle ventilator associated pneumonias e-learning medical colleges e-learning medical teacher nano technology in medicine information and communication technology in medici world malaria day global health problem blood culture automation in blood cultures septice whonet antibitoic resistance determination acinetobacter baumannii war infections new vaccines vaccines vaccine preventable diseases mdr tb x mdr tuberculosis world tb day indian association of medical microbiologists medical microbiology diagnostic challenges medical microbiology role of microbiologists community acquired pneumonia respiratory infection pneumonia hospitals disinfection antiseptics gospel of sri ramakrishna rhabdovirus global washing hand biofilms resistance mdr xmdr tb drug respiratory coxsackievirus operation sterilization theares hospital parainluenza virus principles practice infectious diseases culture media bacterial mumps hiv aids world paramahamsa.yogananda sri spaces tags infectionsparate sehospital collection specimen whooping cough bordetella pertussis basic medical education
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