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Web scripting in MadCap Flare

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Session given at the 2016 MadCap MadWorld conference in San Diego, California.

Are you ready to take your MadCap Flare content to the next level? Join us to see how you can leverage web programming and scripting in your MadCap Flare projects, giving you incredible control over additional features that can add to your users' experience. We'll talk about PHP, JavaScript and jQuery and provide a glimpse of what is possible when you integrate web scripting into your Flare projects.

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  • What if you have multiple tables in one topic? In my experience you have to put an ID on each table so the script identifies each table in the topic as unique.
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Web scripting in MadCap Flare

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY Extending MadCap Flare with Web Programming and Scripting Paul Pehrson @docguy | www.docguy.training
  2. 2. About Me • (Ab)using Flare for 10 years • Full time technical writer at Venafi • Part time Flare consultant and trainer at DocGuy Training
  3. 3. Overview • Javascript • jQuery • PHP
  4. 4. JavaScript • Internal vs. Reference • Where to place the script – Master page – Topic Page – What about a snippet? • Example – Contact Form Validation
  5. 5. jQuery • What is jQuery • How do I add jQuery libraries • Where to place the script • Example – Table Sorting jQuery
  6. 6. PHP • What is PHP – Object-oriented programming language – Server-side scripting protects your scripts and private information • Flare PHP requires – Target Settings – Include statements
  7. 7. PHP (cont.) • Target settings – Custom file extensions – Include unreferenced files • Include statements – Keep most of the php off the Flare topic • Must have PHP installed to test, or upload to a web server
  8. 8. PHP (cont.) • Condition out of Print targets – DIV class condition (Flare 12) – DIV with condition (Flare 11, 12) • Example – Contact Form • Database • Email form
  9. 9. Q&A Download Project Files You can download the project I used for this presentation to see all the source code and how it was implemented by visiting: http://docguy.training/mw16/scripting
  10. 10. Thank You! Visit my website for more information on consulting and training opportunities www.docguy.training