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Hugo redondo health and illness

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Hugo redondo health and illness

  1. 1. Health and Illness Unit 6 by: Hugo Redondo Valdés.
  2. 2. Health Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. ! Types of health professional: ! ·A general practitioner (is a doctor who treats the most common,everyday illnesses). ! ·A medical specialist (is a doctor who treats specific illnesses or parts of the body). ! ·Hospital (they can go there for medical emergency, tests and medical treatments).
  3. 3. Illness Illnesses are health problems that affect your body´s organs. ! Types of Illnesses: · Infectious diseases (are caused by microorganisms. For example: influenza, measles, chicken pox…). ! · Non- infectious diseases (aren´t caused by microorganisms. For example: allergies, obesity, malnutrition…).
  4. 4. Infectious Diseases · Bacteria ( some of them can cause tuberculosis, tetanus or salmonellosis. We can treat some bacterial infections with antibiotics). ! · Viruses (they cause flu, measles, rubella and AIDS, for example. We can treat it with antiviral medicines). ! · Protozoans (they can cause malaria, cholera and amoebic. We can treat some of these infections with anti- protist medicines. ! · Fungi (it cause diseases of the skin, hair and nails. We can treat fungal infections with antifungal medicines).
  5. 5. How are infectious diseases transmitted? ! · By a personal contact. ! · By droplet contact (when people sneeze or cough). ! · By contact with contaminated objects. ! · By animal carriers. ! · By consumption of contaminated food. ! · By consumption of contaminated water.
  6. 6. Preventing Infectious Diseases To prevent infectious diseases, we must keep: ! · Healthy lifestyle habits: wash your hands, brush your teeth, clean cuts, keep your pets healthy, wash raw fruits and vegetables and don´t walk barefoot. ! · Vaccines: is a substance that contains weak or dead microorganisms and produce antibodies.
  7. 7. Preventing Non-Infectious Diseases To stay healthy, we need to keep lifestyle habits: ! · Balanced diet. · Regular exercise. · Get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. · Follow road safety rules. · Accept and respect yourself. · Express your feelings appropriately. · Accept and respect other people