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New Features in the Evoq CMS

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Active Evoq customers are always entitled to the latest version of the CMS. If you're not running Evoq 9, you’re missing out on features that may be essential to the success of your site. For example:

Form Builder, a new drag-and-drop interface for building, managing and hosting forms

In-page Analytics, which deliver key insights at the site or page level.

Re-imagined Admin Experience, which delivers a consistent UI across host users, content managers and content editors

Deep integration with MailChimp

To move to Evoq 9, you'll want to plan for the upgrade. This presentation covers five tips on how to upgrade to Evoq 9 from your current version.

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New Features in the Evoq CMS

  1. 1. New Admin UI ๏Completely rebuilt Admin & Host functionality. ๏Built for performance. ๏HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Web APIs. ๏Library of over 30 common components.
  2. 2. Form Builder ๏Create forms quickly and efficiently. ๏Drive conversions on your site. ๏Built-in integration with Google Analytics. ๏15 different field types with dozens of variations.
  3. 3. Liquid Content™ ๏Clear separation of content from design. ๏Easily reuse content in a variety of ways. ๏Visualizers are much lighter than building modules. ๏Build content applications that would typically require custom code or third- party modules.
  4. 4. MailChimp Integration ๏Automatically add new registrations to a list. ๏Module for anonymous or authenticated users to sign up. ๏Ability for users to select lists. ๏Manage subscribe and unsubscribe.
  5. 5. In-Context Analytics ๏Quick access to analytics for any page of your site. ๏Google Analytics connector makes setup easy. ๏Ability to automatically track all clicks within a page. ๏Drill into segments to learn more about your visitors.
  7. 7. 1) Backups & Test Environment ๏Ensure you have a good backup of files and database. ๏Create a temporary environment from backups. ๏Test your upgrade against the temporary environment.
  8. 8. 2) Prepare Yourself ๏Upgrade from 8.x directly to 9.x ๏Resolve any breaking changes that were introduced in Evoq 8.3. ๏Solpart Menu and Telerik changes are the most common upgrade issues.
  9. 9. 3) Assess and Audit Modules ๏Create an inventory of your third-party and custom modules. ๏Check DNN Store and vendors for module compatibility ๏Determine whether particular third-party modules are still necessary.
  10. 10. 4) Download the Correct Package ๏Make sure you download the correct package. • Evoq Basic, Evoq Content or Evoq Engage ๏Check host settings to make sure you know the product version you are running. ๏Always download the UPGRADE Package.
  11. 11. 5) Perform the Upgrade ๏Unblock the upgrade package and extract files to temp folder. ๏Optional: Activate your “Site Offline” splash page. ๏Copy files overtop your target installation. Replace files with conflicting names. ๏Initiate Wizard or Browser Output upgrade.
  12. 12. 5) Perform the Upgrade (cont’d) ๏Using the Wizard • Load site in browser to start Upgrade Wizard. • You will need the host user name and password. ๏Skip the Wizard • Open your web.config and set AutoUpgrade to False. • Initiate the browser upgrade by going yourdomain.com/install/install.aspx?mode=upgrade
  13. 13. Questions & Resources ๏Customer Downloads http://bit.ly/Evoq-Downloads ๏Upgrade Documentation http://bit.ly/Evoq-Upgrade ๏What’s Changed in Evoq 9 http://bit.ly/WhatsNew-Evoq-9 ๏Compare Evoq Versions http://bit.ly/Compare-Evoq For questions how to upgrade, email us: dnnsupport@dnnsoftware.com Contact your DNN account manager to learn more about Evoq 9, or contact our Sales team: sales@dnnsoftware.com